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Gastown Location Of Tacofino Nears Opening Day – We Take A Sneak Peek Inside


by Andrew Morrison | The new location of Tacofino in Gastown – dubbed “Taco Bar” – has come a long way since I last snuck a peek back in June. In fact, owners Jason Sussman, Kaeli Robinsong, and Ryan Spong say they’re still on track to open right before Christmas [knocks on wood]. From the looks of the construction site, they might have a few mountains to move before then, but ’tis the season for optimism.

There’s a lot to like about what I saw last week. The dozen bespoke light fixtures – made and designed made by Shiloh Sukkau – didn’t render very well in my photographs (they were wearing dust covers), but they’re really quite beautiful. So are the cool custom booths. And so is the tile work throughout, the 20 seat bar, and the big, old school swinging kitchen doors (both ways). What we don’t see – because they haven’t been installed yet – is the large mural by Gabe Dubois (the fellow who did the big piece on the side of Big Lou’s), the collection of old Tofitian surf photos from the 1960s and ’70s (in large lightboxes), and the full effect of the Blood Alley patio and entrance, all of which should prove compelling. I can’t wait to see it all come together.

Oh, and they’re putting in an application for a rooftop garden/patio, because Vancouver doesn’t have enough of those. Hardly any, in truth. Which is silly.

With the entrance located in Blood Alley, what’s to become of the 15 West Cordova St. frontage? It’s for take-out only, which should be fun — like the original food truck, only permanently parked. That menu will offer 6 “greatest hits” items (tacos, burritos, et cetera), while the regular one will dish 20 to 100 seats (80 in, 20 out). Cross your fingers for Taco Bar to launch on December 21st, because nothing says solstice better than a fish taco!

UPDATE: opening day has been set back to January 9th. 

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