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Reverence, Respect, and Realization: What The Acorn Taught Me

At 21 years old, I'm still just a kid and relatively new to working in restaurants, but I grew up umbilically tied to the hospitality industry. My father was a food writer, and my mother is a photographer. Their careers meant that most of my early years were spent in kitchens and dining rooms instead of on playgrounds and soccer fields; consequently, I learned my table manners before I could count past one hundred.

Amanda MacMullin Talks Seeking New Challenges and Becoming a ‘Grizzled Old Bartender’

Rhys Amber recently sat down with The Diamond bartender to catch up, swap 'war stories' and discuss the minutiae of the crazy, hospitality life.

On Expensive Hobbies, Title-Chasing & Getting ‘Rinsed’ in the Kitchen, with Josh Stel

The veteran Vancouver pan jockey and recently appointed Chef de Cuisine at The Mackenzie Room possesses a slew of attributes harder and harder to come by these days, so Rhys saw it fitting to reach out and see what makes him tick.

Get To Know Maria Ponce, Executive Chef for La Taqueria

Packing up and moving across the continent for a job takes a lot of tenacity. But, in the case of Chef Maria Ponce, that sort of motivation has translated into some undeniably delicious food.

Talking Pâté, Imposter Syndrome and Restaurant Nostalgia, with Chef Colin Johnson of St. Lawrence

Over fish n' chips and a couple of pints, Rhys Amber catches up with St. Lawrence's Chef de Cuisine - someone who's as real as they come and not afraid to discuss the difficult parts of our industry, along with all the aspects that we love so much.

Who is Neil Hillbrandt?

Over a bowl of Phở, Chef Hillbrandt talks to Rhys Amber about life on the line and how he's managed to build such a strong food program out of what feels like a kitchenette.

From Side-Hustling Wedding Cakes to Solo-Dining Desserts, with Pastry Chef Oliver Bernardino

When your dinner menu is as precisely executed and beautifully plated as those of Chef Lee Cooper’s, at award-winning L'Abattoir Restaurant, your desserts had better be equally spectacular. Pastry chef Oliver Bernardino understands this, and he’s up to the task.

Rhys Amber Sits Down With Chef Stieffenhofer-Brandson of Published

Rhys Amber sits down (on a milk crate) with Gus Stieffenhofer-Brandson of Published on Main.

The New School: Talking Burnout, Balance, Sourcing and Spoons, With Chef Devon Latte

Rhys sat down with “Dev” a few weeks ago to talk about his dedication and embrace for change in both the profession and on the plate.

An Interview With Winemaker Jordan Kubek

If you've been dining out at small restaurants and bars around town lately, you may have encountered Pamplemousse Jus on the wine list. Where did it come from? What is so exciting about it? And how can you get your hands on some? We caught up with the winemaker to find out...

The Commercial Drive Restaurateur Who Once Kept a Bottle of Wine as a Pet

Van Doren Chan is a veteran of Vancouver's hospitality scene and the FOH force behind the critically acclaimed Ugly Dumpling restaurant.

The Award-Winning Vancouver Bartender Who Once Dreamed of Being an Astronaut

In this New Breed interview, Jamie Mah asks a rapid fire series of questions to Botanist bar manager Jeff Savage.

The GM of Pepino’s Spaghetti House Dishes on Hospitality, Broken Bones and More

Scout recently met with the industry veteran to pick his brain about his life in restaurants and how he got to where he is now.

The GM at One of Canada’s Best Restaurants Dishes on Ambition, Mentors and More

Scout recently met with the dancer at heart to pick her brain on the trajectory of her career and all things hospitality.

The Making of an Indispensable GM, From Aussie Rules to Running Vancouver’s Top Restaurants

In this edition of The New Breed, we chat with the busy GM of Bao Bei and Kissa Tanto about how he came to live among us.

Talking Dreams, Lessons and Weird Ingredients With Botanist Barman Max Curzon-Price

Our 'New Breed' hospitality interview series continues with a young and dedicated bartender imported from the United Kingdom.

Juke’s Cassandra Darmanovic on Creamed Corn Cocktails and Underwater Bars

Busier than ever (with a second location on the horizon), the young and talented Chinatown bartender pours us a deep dive Q & A.

Wilson Rhodes of Tempranillo Dishes on Dream Kitchens and Shucking Beans

The New Breed series continues with an interview with a young cook who plates Spanish tapas with a side of conversation in Gastown.

In Pursuit of Holy Grails with Vij’s Award-Winning Sommelier, Sean Nelson

Local boy Sean Nelson just won the title of BC’s Best Sommelier for 2018. Now he sets his sights on an even bigger prize.

Lobby Lounge Barman Sean McGuigan on Fine Rum and Heavenly Scented Distilleries

There’s no other way to put it but this: Sean McGuigan loves to tend bar. Get to know the Lobby Lounge fixture in this Q & A.

The Diamond’s Adam Domet on Good Cheekies and Making You a Damn Fine Drink

Are you a Bartender or a Mixologist? "I'm a Bartender. I haven't lived at my Mom's house for 25 years."

L’Abattoir Somm Lisa Haley On Making Wine Lists, Lunatic Cats And More

Mosquito Bartender Olivia Povarchook On Scary Fish & The Joy Of Cider

The Mackenzie Room’s Mathew Bishop On Dumplings And Why Poke Must Die

‘St. Lawrence’ Chef Ashley Kurtz On Mangling Hands & Loving Old Diners

Torafuku Sous Chef Sandy Chen On Chasing Dreams & Clock-Out Beers

The Hard Work And Smiles Of ‘Nomad’ Barman Matthew ‘Benny’ Benevoli

Chambar’s Phil Grandbois On What It Takes To Make A New Cocktail List