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The Diamond’s Adam Domet on Good Cheekies and Making You a Damn Fine Drink

We often hear the same names of local hospitality titans in the media. For years we’ve worked up thirsts and appetites following their exploits but we seldom consider the individuals who toil in relative anonymity alongside them, and we’re often late in introducing those destined to join them in their starry pantheon. This series of short interviews looks to introduce our readers to this new breed, one blossoming talent at a time.

Adam Domet has been hard-working fixture of Gastown’s busy bar scene for what seems like forever. He is a soldier. I have always loved his wit, kind attitude (most of the time) and loyalty. Working late nights at one of the busiest cocktail bars in the city have only made him better, both as a bartender and as a host. The guy pours a mean drink and does it sneaky quick! Be sure to check the recipe for his One Hope, One Quest cocktail at the bottom…

Current bar?

The Diamond…for the third time.

Previous employers?

The mighty Bourbon. Otherwise, if Josh Pape owns it, I’ve worked there (Lucky Taco, Wildebeest, Bufala).

Years in the game?

Comin’ up on five years doing it for real in a proper bar, but every day since I landed in Vancouver 7 years ago.

Career highlight to date?

I used to have hair longer than Ron Oliver’s.

What was your first bartending job?

The Diamond.

The moment that bartending went from a part-time gig to a career for you?

I would say getting hired at The Diamond. It’s been my career since. Before this I was picking up crushed cans of Budweiser and catching used vodka sodas in a bus bin.

The album you’re listening to right now?

Appetite For Destruction by Guns N Roses.

Your favourite cocktail?

Margaritas. I just think they’re so tasty, refreshing, messy and we do them pretty well at The Diamond.

Three favourite bartenders you’ve ever worked with?

Ron Oliver (The Diamond) brought me in;
Emmet Groves (The Diamond) has taught me the most;
Satoshi Yonemori (The Diamond), because he’s the best — efficiency and style.

Your coffee spot?

Viva Cafe on Yew street. Dawn pulls a fine espresso.

Three bartenders you’d like to work with?

Alex Black – Constant professional, full of knowledge and a good friend;
Katie Ingram – Great presence behind the bar and creativity, also a good friend;
Simon Kaulback – Well…I had to pick somebody.

Guilty pleasure?

White Russians at the Cactus Club.

If you could be a Brand Ambassador for any brand…

Buffalo Trace. Like that fine Kentucky Whiskey…I am 45% Buffalo Trace.

The city you would travel to first for food and drink?

San Francisco: Comstock Saloon, Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant, 15 Romolo and Rich Table. Though I don’t remember my meal, the company was top notch.

Local dive bar you love and the drink you’re drinking there…

The Metropole. G.I Honey for $6 and it comes with a burger! Also, Matt Thompson works there! The longest serving Gastown bartender at one bar.

The bar in another city that we need in Vancouver?

Black Swan in Deep Ellum, Dallas. Great curved bar full of industry kids putting in work, and they’ve got these little beers that fit in your pocket! Pocket Beers!

Favourite local Instagram feed?

@santiagodehoyos. He’s so talented.

Your biggest fear?

I’m not scared…but I FUCKING HATE PIGEONS…they’re vermin…covered in bacteria. Yuck! Shifty assholes…

A trend that should have been 86’d a long time ago?

Homemade ingredients. Why waste time and money to make something not as good?

Bartender or Mixologist?

I’m a Bartender. I haven’t lived at my Mom’s house for 25 years.

Best skill outside of work?

Magnets. I’m really good at magnets…way better than Emmet Groves.

Negroni or Boulevardier?

Honestly, I don’t really like either drink…but…a Boulevardier.

Good service or speedy drinks?

Speedy drinks help you get over bad service.

Dogs or Cats?


Your favourite Vancouver neighbourhood?

Gastown. I’ve been stumbling those stones for a while.

Jigger or Free Pour?

Jigger for classics and free pour for originals and dealer’s choice.

Your favourite Vancouver chef?

Scott Korzack. His work is clean, correct and sometimes costs less than $50 a dish.

Classic or Slushy cocktail?

Classics. Slushies are too thick and I can’t drink them fast enough.

Your favourite ingredient?

Tequila…so much variety and I like the agave buzz.

What’s your go-to bar for a cheeky?

Well, at The Diamond we’re lucky because we have a bar within our bar to go to for a cheeky…but outside…L’Abattoir. The crew over there is always stacked and the crooked shelves let you know every thing is going to be alright.

Would you rather be a Brand Ambassador or a Bar Owner?

I would rather be a bar owner. I love the idea of building an establishment and it becoming an institution.

Gastown’s Chill Winston is going to close soon and be replaced by Joey offshoot “Local”. If you had to choose betweeen them, which would it be?

Local.. bro.. 100%. I mean, if my time spent at Local in Kits is any indication, I will be at Local in Gastown a lot. Plus, Gastown loves tacos, and Local has new tacos.

In 10 words or less, describe your typical day off.

Sleep in, bike ride, good food.

Which would you prefer, a good customer who tips poorly, or a douchebag who tips huge?

A good customer over time will tip you better and keep you living longer.

What’s the bar tool that you can’t live without?

A good Bar Back.

What good lesson have you learned while working the bar?

My ego is less important than a guest’s experience…still working on this one.

Post-work drink — what is it, where is it, and who’s making it?

I’m always the last bar open, but if I get off early it’s a Long Island Iced Tea by Simon Kaulback at Mamie Taylor’s.

COCKTAIL: “One Hope, One Quest”

50ml The Botanist Gin
10ml Fino Sherry
1 dash scrappys orange
1 dash scrappys celery
Pinch salt

Stirred, served on rocks. Garnished with a grapefruit slice and sage leaf.

The Diamond
Neighbourhood: Gastown
6 Powell St.

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