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Check Out What Kitchen Table Restaurants Is Doing to Celebrate Negroni Week

Check Out What Kitchen Table Restaurants Is Doing to Celebrate Negroni Week

The Goods from Kitchen Table Restaurants

Vancouver, BC | Kitchen Table Restaurants are welcoming Negroni Week with open arms and a number of variations of the legendary cocktail in a bid to fundraise and give back to Negroni Week’s charitable partners around the world. From the classic gin, vermouth and Campari concoction at Ask for Luigi, Di Beppe, Farina a Legna, giovane bacaro and Pizzeria Farina to the unique variations at Miantiao and Pourhouse featuring standout ingredients such as salted plum and yuzu tincture, carbonated white tea, baijiu or goji berry-infused gin there’s a negroni to tempt everyone’s palate. Try them all from September 13-19!

Giovane Caffè
1049 West Cordova St.

Classic Negroni
Tanqueray London Dry Gin, Campari, and Cinzano Rosso Vermouth, chilled and poured over Kodama Ice

162 Water Street, Vancouver BC

Red Harvest Negroni
Campari, Suntory Roku Gin, Cocchi Dopo Teatro Vermouth Amaro, Salted Plum and Yuzu tincture

1115 Alberni St.

KUN-MI-TO (bottled cocktail)
Campari, sweet vermouth, carbonated white tea, bitters, citric acid

A Mi-To (also known as a Milano Torino) is a simple recipe composed of equal parts Campari (from Milan), and sweet vermouth (from Turin). Americans visiting Italy used to order it with soda, resulting in the cocktail we now know as the Americano. The Kun-Mi-To is Miantiao’s riff on the Americano, using carbonated white tea instead of soda. Miantiao uses White Moonlight loose-leaf tea from O5 tea in Kitsilano; the tea is harvested in the mountains above Kunming in China, representing the Kun in Kun-Mi-To.

NEGRONI AGRUMATO (served over ice cube and garnished with a lemon twist)
Botanical Baijiu, vermouth blend, Campari

Baijiu is China’s national spirit and is the most consumed spirit in the world. For this cocktail, Miantiao infuses baijiu with botanicals to create a base spirit reminiscent of gin, but with its own distinctive character. The delicate, time-consuming, (yet rewarding process!) involves first macerating coriander seeds, tea leaves, ginger, Sichuan peppercorn, lemon and orange peels and leaving for three days, then adding juniper hydrosol to the blend. The result is a bright, citrus-forward spirit, with a silky mouthfeel and a long finish; a perfect pairing for Campari and Vermouth.

DOPOCENA (served in a coupe with an orange twist)
Goji berry-infused gin, cacao nib-infused Campari, sweet vermouth

For this last expression, Miantiao wanted to create a dessert-style Negroni, while still playing into the bitter notes characteristic of the cocktail. Goji berries and cacao nibs are well-known antioxidants and are widely consumed for their health benefits.

Classic Negronis are also available at: Di Beppe, Pizzeria Farina, Ask For Luigi, Farina a Legna.

Di Beppe
8 West Cordova St.
Pizzeria Farina
915 Main St.
Ask For Luigi
305 Alexander St.
Farina a Legna
119 2nd St E, North Vancouver, BC

1115 Alberni St.

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