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Banda Volpi Hospitality Announces Miguel Quezada as Elio Volpe Restaurant Director

The Goods from Osteria Elio Volpe

Vancouver, BC | “Miguel Quezada and hospitality go hand-in-hand — it’s in his DNA — and that is why he was selected to be our Restaurant Director at Elio Volpe. Not so coincidentally, Miguel has opened every single one of my restaurants, so the relationship runs deep…and I wouldn’t have it any other way. His attention to detail is second to none and his masterful way of catering to the guest makes Miguel the only choice to lead the team at Elio.” — Paul Grunberg

The work life and lore of the upcoming Osteria Elio Volpe’s Restaurant Director, Miguel Quezada, is the stuff of local legend.

From his early days cooking in Banff and bussing and serving tables while studying wine in Calgary to getting his foot in the fine dining door at Yaletown’s Blue Water Café, Miguel’s passion for hospitality has taken him to Melbourne to learn proper espresso culture; to New York to perfect his table maintenance; and back to Canada where he has managed some of Vancouver’s most celebrated restaurants.

When, on a serendipitous day in 2010 in Blood Alley, Miguel ran into Paul Grunberg and agreed with a high five to come onboard for the opening of Paul’s first restaurant, L’Abattoir, so began a match made in restaurant heaven…

After opening L’Abattoir there was an “agricultural sojourn” in Birken BC; wild times at Wildebeest while upgrading his high school maths; a lost love and a curveball or two that led to a full-hearted hospitality lean-in with a management job at Pourhouse, which is where Paul found him for a second time, in this case to open Osteria Savio Volpe, followed by Pepino’s Spaghetti House and Caffè La Tana as Operations Manager.

Never one to rest on his laurels, after establishing Savio, Pepino’s and La Tana, Miguel started then sold Kov Skincare, following that venture up by co-founding a plant fertilizer brand called Kelpy that our bootstrapping renaissance man continues to grow with his life partner Alicia.

Please join us in welcome Miguel back to the Banda Volpi fold — bentornato amico! Look for him at Elio Volpe very soon.

Elio Volpe
Neighbourhood: West Side
540 West 17th Ave.

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