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24 Hour “Lucy’s Eastside Diner” Now Open On Main Street Drag


Whip owners Erv Salvadore and his wife Casey Thiessen have just opened Lucy’s Eastside Diner at 2708 Main St. (the former home of Yummy’s Frozen Dim Sum). It’s a 30 seater with a swivel stool bar, mirrored lunch counter, two front window four tops and a bunch of deuce booths. The menu is very simple: old school diner-esque with fried chicken, melts, burgers, milkshakes and all day breakfasts. They’re licensed, serving Red Racer, Slipstream, Nelson Stout and Steam Whistle beers, plus a limited cocktail selection until midnight (they’ve put in to City Hall for the obligatory 1am extension). That all sounds well and good, but the coolest thing about Lucy’s is that it’s open 24 hours a day! Now all of Vancouver’s service staff have a place to go after clocking out that isn’t Denny’s or The Naam. How sweet is that? You can read more about it my Westender column next Thursday, but in the meantime, feast on the photos after the leap…

  • Exterior | Lucy's Eastside Diner
  • Lucy's Eastside Diner
  • Menu | Lucy's Eastside Diner
  • Fried chicken with mashed potatoes, gravy and veggies | Lucy's Eastside Diner
  • Soft serve chocolate milkshake | Lucy's Eastside Diner
  • Interior deuce booths | Lucy's Eastside Diner
  • The tuna melt and brace of mini-burgers | Lucy's Eastside Diner
  • Interior | Lucy's Eastside Diner
  • Soft serve vanilla milkshake | Lucy's Eastside Diner
  • Kitchen doors | Lucy's Eastside Diner
  • Umbrella stand | Lucy's Eastside Diner
  • Interior | Lucy's Eastside Diner
  • Owner Erv Salvadore | Lucy's Eastside Diner
  • Exterior | Lucy's Eastside Diner

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  1. I was there for the Saturday opening a couple weekends ago… everything was coming together, and the food was DELICIOUS. Had a chance to talk to Erv, and wish him luck. Not that he and Carey will need it… the place is great! 🙂

  2. real close to home, always packed, and great food at a great price. I mean burger, fries and an awesome milkshake for 10 bucks?? sheeeesh. THe milkshake is worth half that. great looking menu too with brunch types and lots of comfort food. a double decker grilled cheese? Brilliance!! I’d pair it with a bottle of Dom and sell it for $150. Who doesn’t love comfort food?? A very welcome addition to the neighborhood. Open 24 hours a day which I don’t think I’ll ever partake in, but it still a cool idea.

  3. It’s diner fare. Not the organic, local and seasonal re-imaginings thereof, but cheap and greasy and fast and satisfying without pretense or over-reach. It is what it is, and I can’t help but like it so. Go with low expectations, as you would a proper old school diner, and enjoy them being well met.

  4. Fantastic spot, I’m biassed because I am familiar with Erv’s brilliance. This place was sorely needed in the area, and will be around for generations to come.

  5. Food is average at best, the milkshakes and service are top notch however. I don’t expect them to be all organic/local but come on, it’s not a lot to expect a new diner to have delicious diner fare at a reasonable price. Why should we be happy with average food in a city with so many delicious options? You can always judge a diner by its hash browns and unfortunately these ones fall short.

  6. A friend and I had breakfact at Lucy’s Diner on Main Street, Sunday, October 31st. I have to say I was very disappointed with mine. It was supposed to be Chorizo Hash with Eggs on top. But it was not Hash, just Chorizo sliced small and some overdone nuggets potatoes and my eggs on top…no toast and very luke warm. For the price of $8.50, I have to say I would rather pay more some where else and get better food. As well, the place is so small..as are the booths only a couple of regular tables in front. I wish Slickity Jims would re-open.

  7. Ate here for the third or so time last night on the way to a gig. I was rather hoping to eat at Hawker’s Delite but it was after 9 (WTF? Isn’ t that place supposed to be a late night place?) so Lucy’s it was.

    BLT with fries for $6.50. Not bad, except the fries absolutely suck…but you know, a lot of places would hit you for $8 or $9 for that shiznit.

    Onion Rings at $5.50 were very tasty. They serve them with mustard, which I don’t get but OK…

    Nothing wrong with it. The decor is totally hipster diner revival as opposed to authentic diner-ish (the mounted bike handlebars struck my companion as amusing, me as incredibly stupid) but it’s always there, not horrible and not over priced so there’s that.

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