PiDGiN Restaurant Announces New Artist-in-Residence, Tara Lee Bennett

The Goods from PiDGiN

Vancouver, BC | We’re proud to announce our latest artist-in-restaurant program featuring Tara Lee Bennett’s exquisite art. Bennett creates a world in paper. Meticulously she draws, cuts and assembles seemingly, impossibly too-small pieces of paper into elaborate creations that are intricate and time-consuming.

As a medium, paper has endless possibilities because it is a material that is easily accessible yet can be endlessly and extravagantly transformed and it is this dichotomy Bennett celebrates. Her current series harnesses a monochrome aesthetic that highlights the delicacy of her cuts.

Originally from Zimbabwe, Bennett lived in Australia for several years where she attended the Enmore Design Center in Sydney, Australia. She established her practice in the historic 1000 Parker Street building in 2019. Her current series Lush is infused with images of growth and renewal reflecting her life’s personal and professional journeys.

Chef Wesley Young has created a beautiful monochromatic dessert inspired by Tara’s artwork. The dish centres lychee and coconut — a base of airy and light coconut mousse, topped with juicy berries, a velvety yuzu curd, finished with crispy textures from the lychee meringue and dehydrated lychee. Taking Tara’s lead on layers of light materials, Chef Young’s dessert contains a variety of vertical layers that complement each other in a playful and symphonic way. White monochromatic textures are framed by the straight vertical edges of the bowl.

Our art program is core to our philosophy and passions at PiDGiN. Some of our past artist-in-restaurant programs have included Ola Volo, Sean Karemaker, Priscilla Yu, Jay Senetchko, Katie So, Johny Taylor, and most recently Kari Kristensen. As with PiDGiN tradition, our previous artist nominates the following one: Kari and Tara are not only studio mates but are also married, making this a wonderful transition bridging the pre-pandemic to now.

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