Introducing Peter Harris, Ian Tan Gallery’s November Feature Artist

Dim Sum at Night (2022), Oil on canvas, 28″ x 40″

The Goods from Ian Tan Gallery

Vancouver, BC | In this new monthly series, the Ian Tan Gallery highlights one exhibiting artist or artist they represent, by asking them to answer a short four-question interview designed to introduce them to Scout readers.

Meet Peter Harris, Ian Tan Gallery’s feature artist for the month of November. Fraser’s series of paintings, Between Here and There, will be on display in the gallery from November 5-30.

Please (briefly) introduce yourself. Who are you, where do you live, and what is your medium?

My name is Peter Harris, I’m an artist from Toronto, ON. I craft my realist oil on canvas paintings from my heritage studio building overlooking downtown Toronto, where the city is my constant inspiration.

We know it’s hard to pick a favourite, but if you had to choose one piece from the works you have at Ian Tan Gallery to best represent your style and practice overall, which would it be and why?

I would pick my painting Dim Sum at Night as a painting that sums up what I do best- it has a level of detail that rewards the viewer the closer they get to the painting, it imparts a feeling of stillness and solitude, and it elevates an everyday scenario into a subject worthy of slow and deliberate attention.

If you could display your art in any building, establishment, or other place in Vancouver (not a gallery), where would you choose?.

The first building to come to mind is the Sylvia Hotel on English Bay because the seawall leads right to it, and being covered in ivy, it has that intermingling of manmade and nature that also occurs in my paintings.

Art is a visual experience, but I’d like to challenge you to describe yours using the less obvious senses: sound, taste, smell and feeling.

The sound is early morning silence, the taste is a crisp green salad with cherry tomatoes, the smell would be soft sea air, and the feeling is meditative.

View more of Peter Harris’ artwork online here.

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