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Meet Sean William Randall, Ian Tan Gallery’s September Feature Artist

Transient Heart (2023), 36″ x 48″, Acrylic on canvas.

The Goods from Ian Tan Gallery

Vancouver, BC | In this monthly series, the Ian Tan Gallery highlights one exhibiting artist or artist they represent, by asking them to answer a short four-question interview designed to introduce them to Scout readers.

Introducing Sean William Randall, Ian Tan Gallery’s feature artist for the month of September. Randall’s latest series of paintings, Becalmed, will be showing in the gallery from September 9-30.

Please introduce yourself. Who are you, where do you live, and what is your medium?

Sean William Randall. I am a visual artist (painting). I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba. My medium is paint (acrylic).

We know it’s hard to pick a favourite, but if you had to choose one piece from the works you have at Ian Tan Gallery to best represent your style and practice overall, which would it be and why?

‘Transient Heart’ (pictured above). What I like about this painting is that it’s built upon, and progresses from, my previous work.

If you could display your art in any building, establishment, or other place in Vancouver (not a gallery), where would you choose?

The Sun Building lobby, circa 1930, in a gilded frame.

Art is a visual experience, but I’d like to challenge you to describe yours using the less obvious senses: sound, taste, smell and feeling.

The smell of rain evaporating off of soil and leaves on a warm day, with the gentle sound of a slow stream nearby.

View more of Sean William Randall’s artwork online here.

Neighbourhood: South Granville
2655 Granville St.

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