RESTAURANT GRAVEYARD // Remembering a Gastown Original With a Mirrored Ceiling

The ever-evolving Restaurant Graveyard series looks back at the countless, long-shuttered establishments that helped to propel Vancouver’s food and drink forward. Full A-Z with maps and photos here. May they never be forgotten!

The original Boneta brought together a group of young first time restaurateurs (Mark Brand, Neil Ingram, Andre McGillivray) to a long suffering address (1 West Cordova St.) in Gastown during the hot summer of 2007. It was famed for its excellent cocktails and talented bartenders (eg. Simon Kaulback), an industry-attractive atmosphere and the hearty but refined French-inspired fare of its first executive chef, Jeremie Bastien, who was followed by chef Jason Leizert. The poutine was king.

The simply designed establishment was divided into two main sections: a casual bar and lounge and a quieter, more formal and ever so slightly sunken dining room. Its old walls were hung with original art by Charles Forsberg and Johnny Taylor, and its lofty ceilings were adorned with over a dozen gilt-edged mirrors rescued from a nearby hotel.

The restaurant (named after Brand’s mother) moved to a new location close by in 2011 (see Boneta 2.0). The address would later be home to film director Uwe Boll’s ill-fated Bauhaus restaurant.

  • Boneta
  • Construction of the original Boneta with Neil Ingram, Andre McGillivray, and Jeremie Bastien
  • Boneta
  • The Last Days of the original Boneta
  • The crowd gathers at Boneta
  • Charlie Ainsbury from The Diamond adds bitters to his bowl of Downtown Eastside Punch Up
  • Simon Kaulback of Boneta pours for his Kentucky High Kick
  • Bobby Kay sees something she likes at Boneta
  • David and Shaun
  • Boneta
  • Boneta
  • Boneta bar detail
  • Simon Kaulback and Neil Ingram at Boneta
  • Shaun and Rodney
  • A friend at Boneta prepares with a beer goggle straw..
  • Boneta chef Jason Liezert
  • Barb Phillips and Miguel Torres at Boneta
  • Neil pours Torres at Boneta
  • Kitchen tattoo detail
  • Simon directing traffic at Boneta
  • IMG_2945
  • Boneta
  • Boneta
  • Boneta
  • Kyle Lane from DB Bistro finishes his My Sweet Manhamttan
  • The end...
  • Jeremie Bastien of Boneta
  • Simon Kaulback (Boneta) and Charles Ainsbury (The Diamond)

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  1. At that address , I also miss The Meatmarket . Going there in the early /mid nineties was like stepping into a time machine. I also miss Hombres for Mexican . It was about halfway down Blood Alley