We Want Some Exotic Take-Home Cocktails From the Shameful Tiki Room

Photo via: @shamefultikiroom

We’re a pretty satisfied bunch, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t covetous. Sometimes we see things out there that we just must have. Cool Things We Want is an archive of those earthly desires.

Today and tomorrow (that’s Friday and Saturday), the good folks at Main Street’s currently hamstrung Shameful Tiki Room are offering a variety of exotic take-home cocktail kits (eg. Navy Grog, Hurricane), and we want some…

Even though we can’t serve you, there’s no reason you can’t still enjoy our cocktails! On Friday and Saturday, we are offering our takeout cocktails from 4pm – 8pm!

Tiki Puka Puka
Three Dots and a Dash
Rum Barrel
Navy Grog

Adding to that, if you have the rum, that’s no problem at all! We’re offering our jars of mixes for $7 if you already have the important stuff!

Make it a package deal by scoring a Shameful Tiki Room mug.

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