COMFORT FOOD GUIDE // Perfectly Pinched and Fried Pork Gyozas (With Cold Beer)

This series maps out our editors’ picks for Vancouver’s best and most legendary comfort foods. We encourage readers to steer us towards their favourites in the comments or by using the hashtag #ScoutYVR on social media.

While soft-to-the-tooth, perfectly pinched, minced pork-filled dumplings are one of the major pluses of existence (right up there with summer grass and The Clash), the little potsticker parcels are even better when fried in the Japanese ‘teppan’ style and taken with cold beer. The post-steam contact heat elevates the simple things to crisp-edged, almost burned, Maillard-reacted delights that don’t get boring fast. They’re ubiquitous in Vancouver, but I’ve always had my favourites. Ever since my go-to Gyoza King on Robson Street closed in 2017 after 24 years it’s been a tricky thing to muster the willpower to walk past Pender Street’s Gyoza Bar without slipping in and crushing several (dipped in spicy miso) between sips of Dageraad’s citrus-whispering ‘Burnabarian’ session ale — a perfect combo. Gyoza Bar might not have the late-night industry drunks and zashiki-style floor seating that made Gyoza King such a legend, but – dare I say it – the pork gyozas are just as good, if not better.

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