Cadeaux Bakery Primed for Thanksgiving With Special Pies, Tarts, Croissants and More

The GOODS from Cadeaux Bakery

Vancouver, BC | Our Thanksgiving specialties are available October 7-10 by pre-order with a minimum 24 hours notice. (Limited quantities will be available for walk-ins.)

9″ rounds – $30
– Rustic Apple Pie
– Classic Pumpkin Tart
– Pecan & Bourbon Tart
– ‘A la mode’ (pie and a pint) – any above tart/pie with a pint of rotating ice cream – $35

October Feature Croissant, available all of October – $5.95 (Praline croissant filled with spiced pumpkin creme patissiere and soft praline, finished with praline-crusted milk callebaut chocolate shards, hazelnut florentine and a handmade sugar pumpkin.)

Order here.

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