La Taqueria Launches ‘Cyber Taco Shop’ at Yukon St. Location

The GOODS from La Taqueria

Vancouver, BC | The truth is…we’ve missed you a lot! And in missing you, we’ve come to realize just how important it is to serve you every day. Some time ago, we came up with the idea of having a Cyber Taco Shop (yup, the 90s are back)…and guess what? We’ve made it happen! providing you with all the ingredients to assemble your tacos at home.

At the moment we are offering only food pick-up at the Yukon St. location – 2450 Yukon St. – almost corner with Broadway, one block away from City Hall station.

We’re setting up delivery apps to provide you with our services. We’ll keep you guys posted.

Once you get to our store, please proceed to the table with the carry-out bags; they’re all labeled with names. If you’re interested in buying a six-pack of La Taqueria lager, a Margarita, or our recently launched La Taqueria-Tequila de la Casa, please let us know! We’ll gladly assist you with that.

FYI, we have a contactless pay station on site. No cash accepted.

Please make sure to place your order via our website within 12 hours in advance or during our operation hours posted at Google, please keep in mind only the Yukon St location is open.

Safety is key at the moment, so please know we’ll be admitting only one person at a time for pickup. If you’re waiting, please stand at the designated marked with an X on the floor.

Thank you for your cooperation…and welcome to our Cyber Taco Shop!

ABOUT LA TAQUERIA | La Taqueria is a home-style Mexican restaurant inspired by traditional street taco stands in Mexico. Using local, organic, and sustainably sourced ingredients whenever possible, the eatery offers authentic tacos, burritos, and quesadillas with options of seafood, meat, vegetarian, and vegan fillings. Recently the group began to produce their own organic tortilla; high in fiber, free of transgenics, free of preservatives and made with 100% whole organic corn from the highlands near Atlacomúlco in the state of Mexico. Founded by Marcelo Ramirez in 2009.

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