East Van Roasters Reveals New Seasonal Chocolates, Extends Hours for Holidays

The GOODS from East Van Roasters Cafe

Vancouver, BC | East Van Roasters has some delicious seasonal chocolates available and we have extended hours to make it easier to get your hands on them…

Holiday offerings | Holiday Truffles Three seasonal truffles available for sale individually at the EVR café only ($2 to $2.50 each)

– Cranberry Spruce Cranberry Pate de fruit layered with Spruce tip ganache made with our 70% Guatemala Chocolate.

– Tahini Nougat Sesame nougat layered with Tahini Kallari Gianduja. Dairy & Gluten free.

– Caramel Hazelnut Almond & Hazelnut layered with caramel and enrobed in Peruvian 70% chocolate.

Holiday Trilogy | Three seasonal chocolate bars, available individually or as a pack of three. $22 for all three / $8.00 each

– Gingerbread Toffee Bar: Crunchy toffee in 70% Peruvian chocolate with warm gingerbread spices.

– Jitter Bean Bar: stone ground Peruvian chocolate & Fair-trade organic Peruvian coffee.

– Mint Crackle Bar: Chocolate cookie, mint-infused 70% Peruvian chocolate and candied mint.

Holiday Hours

Dec. 14 – 15: 9am – 7pm
Sat, Dec 16: 10am – 7pm
Sun, Dec. 17: 12pm – 5pm
Mon, Dec. 18: CLOSED
Dec. 19 – 20: 9am – 5pm
Dec. 21 – 22: 9am – 7pm
Sat, Dec. 23: 10am–7pm | CLOSED Dec. 24 – Jan. 8 | RE-OPEN Jan. 9, 9am

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