Uwe’s Wine Club Dinner at Bauhaus to see Château Lafite vs Knipser Cuvée X on Sept. 18

The GOODS from Bauhaus

Vancouver, BC | Is everything better in Germany? That’s the challenge for this dinner on September 18th. There is a winery in Germany with a cult following, but it isn’t well known abroad. Knipser wines rarely leave Europe, let alone Germany. Knipser have made a wine called the Cuvee X, a Bordeaux blend that spends 18 to 20 months in new French oak and is bottle aged for an additional 3 years. Knipser likes to brag that the Cuvee X can rival a Bordeaux. So, naturally, Uwe is putting it to the test.

We’re putting the 2013 Cuvee X against an incredible opponent – the 1988 Château Lafite. When Uwe suggested that, of course we hesitated. But, we know better than to doubt what Uwe says. And so, for this Wine Club Dinner, Knipser’s Cuvee X 2013 will face off against the Château Lafite 1988, and Chef David and Chef Tim will create an incredible 4 course menu for the occasion.

The dinner will begin with a champagne worthy of such a showdown, and the Chefs will create a dish that is light, fresh, and elegant to begin the evening.

The main course will be a new level of grandeur for the wine club – a shared meal, reminiscent of a king’s feast, with the wines as the centerpiece.

For the third course, we will present a collection of cheeses to enjoy.

The final course will be a stunning dessert to round out the evening, and depending on the dish we will be offering a wonderful wine to complete the evening’s wine club dinner.

The cost of the evening includes dinner, a glass of champagne to start, and a 3oz glass of the Knipser and Lafite with the dinner.

$550 per person, excluding tax and gratuity
7 pm | September 18th, 2017
Reserve Your Seat via 604-974-1147 or info@bauhaus-restaurant.com


10891843_772197392870087_1058341375084446009_n1 West Cordova St. | Vancouver, BC | V6B 2J2
Telephone: 604-974-1147 | info [at] bauhaus-restaurant.com
Web: www.bauhaus-restaurant.com | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


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Owner: Uwe Boll
Chefs: Tim Schulte & David Mueller
General Manager: Daniel Klintworth
Event Coordinator: Kimberley Busch



Bauhaus Restaurant is Vancouver’s newest award-wining upscale dining experience, delivering innovative techniques, fresh flavours, and exceptional service. The a la carte menu reflects a contemporary approach to German classic cuisine, while the seasonal tasting menu showcases modern European fare.

Located in Gastown, the restaurant is housed inside one of Vancouver’s most unique historic buildings, The Boulder Hotel, which was originally built in 1890. Over the last 100 years, the building has gone through many changes, from its early days as a saloon, to a bank, and, finally, a hotel. Led by Vancouver designer Andrea Greenway, we have designed the restaurant to work within this historic space, featuring a dining room, a large lounge area, and an open-concept kitchen.



“I tried the six course tasting menu and it blew me away. Seriously.” – The Vancouverite

“Fine-dining classic unlike anything else.” – The Globe & Mail

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