Making Sense Of Pino Posteraro’s 3,300 Label Cellar At Cioppino’s In Yaletown


by Treve Ring | I truly can’t think of a more fitting Listed to run this week than one focused on Cioppino’s, which boasts one of the deepest, richest, death-bed-bottle wine lists in the country. The Yaletown cellar is legend, as is the man responsible for it. Chef/restaurateur Pino Posteraro’s reputation as a fiercely exacting perfectionist precedes him, and anyone who has ever worked with him through the years will attest to his talent and tutelage. As for the many thousands who have wined and dined at the restaurant – the epitome of classic old school Italian – they may well credit him with one (possibly two or three) of the most memorable meals, and wines, they’ve had in their lives. Unsurprisingly, for massive wine geeks like me, exploring the hefty tome that is Pino’s wine list is a big draw, so with Wine Fest upon us I couldn’t resist posing ten questions to him about the magic he has LISTED.

How many wines on your list? 3,300 labels.

How is your list organized? Old world / new world. Regions / grape variety and blends.

What one wine are you most excited about right now on your list? Anything from anywhere that is interesting and original in terms of conceiving the wine. If small batches and from indigenous grapes, even better.

What’s the top selling wine on your list? SpierHead Pinot Noir and Crognolo.

What’s the newest arrival to your list? DRC 2011/2012, new wines from Sassicaia, and Guigal wines. (Why did they release them so late this year?)

The one product you will never list? The one I don’t believe in.

Money/availability is no option. What one wine would you list? I spent a fortune to have all of them (lol).

Favourite wine list in BC, other than your own? Bearfoot Bistro.

Your fave food/beverage pairing recently at Cioppino’s? Dry Sherry with pecorino soufflé and fresh winter black truffles.

Your insider top food/wine pairing tip? Keep it simple, keep it fun, and knowledge comes along. Take into consideration different aspects of the dishes and characteristics of the wines.


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