Michael Soltis’ “Games People Play” Opens At The Kimoto Gallery On January 29th


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Vancouver, BC | Kimoto Gallery is pleased to present a new series by artist Michael Soltis, opening on Friday, January 29th from 6 – 9pm. The exhibition titled “Games People Play” will continue until February 27, 2016.

ARTIST STATEMENT | “Playing board games together creates opportunities to laugh, to learn, to compete, to share, to win, to lose and to connect with family and friends in a way that not many other activities can offer. As technology continues to evolve and we are offered more and more screens to put in front of us, the appeal of playing board games may fade in direct proportion. I was cleaning out my closet a few years ago and came face to face with a stack of board games that hadn’t seen the light of day in several years. As I looked at the boxes I was flooded with memories and a wave of nostalgia and I wondered if others might feel the same. I had an idea to bring the boxes and the memories out of storage and back into our lives. I decided to create this show out of board games in an effort to give new life to things that hold deep and meaningful memories for us so that we can interact with them in a new way. My hope is that those who see the works are reminded of times spent with people they love and experiences that connected them together.”

ABOUT THE ARTIST | Michael Soltis is an American visual artist and actor currently residing in Vancouver, BC. He has worked in feature films and in television for the past ten years and his artwork has been shown in several galleries throughout North America. His work has also been featured in Anthology Magazine, The Artist Catalogue, the Vancouver TED Conference, Comic Con in Vancouver as well as several contemporary art blogs. His paintings are held in private collections in the United States, Canada and Europe.

“Michael Soltis’ artworks often combine colour, text, line and symbols to create pieces that draw on our technological age of information. However, his newest series are truly special; where the artist implements his own collection of vintage game boards which transport the viewer to the good ol’ days of playing many of these favourite boards games with friends & family! These pieces are both significant and reflective of our time now, and where we’ve come from.” – Katsumi Kimoto

Soltis’s new works will be on display at the Kimoto Gallery from Jan 29 – Feb 27, 2016.

EXHIBITION : Games People Play by Michael Soltis
OPENING RECEPTION EVENT : Friday, January 29, 6 – 9 PM – Artist in attendance.
GALLERY HOURS : Tuesday – Saturday 10AM – 6PM



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About Kimoto Gallery


Kimoto Gallery was established in 2013. The gallery is run by artist/curator Katsumi and his wife, Jiali, a designer. The gallery presents original art by emerging and established artists, both local and international. With over ten years experience in the art business, their clientele includes first-time buyers, seasoned collectors and corporations.

Katsumi Kimoto is an experienced curator, artist and art dealer. He’s been well known in Vancouver, BC, especially around South Granville’s Art Gallery Row. He has also been curating and managing some large corporate and private art collections in Vancouver. Being an artist himself, Katsumi brings a unique perspective to the gallery, understanding both sides of the business.

Jiali Kimoto, Katsumi’s wife, is an experienced, multi-faceted designer with over a decade in the graphic design and retail industry. Together, this husband and wife along with their baby girl MJ, have started a new journey to create this unique gallery space.

One of the goals at KIMOTO GALLERY is to offer the best fair market values available on original artworks. The gallery offers both accessible artworks for first-time buyers and art lovers, along with highly sought-after artworks by established and senior Canadian and International artists for the seasoned collectors.

Katsumi and Jiali are extremely excited to select and showcase the artwork of many of their talented peers and artist friends, “We’ve watched so many artists and artist friends develop over the years, and have been both impressed and amazed by the skill and genius of their work. Now we have the opportunity to bring these unique artworks to collectors in Vancouver and abroad. How can it get any better than that? We are confident that these talented and hard-working artists will not only look great on your walls, but will also be sound investments for future.”

“It’s been one year and a half since our grand opening and we couldn’t be happier! In our first year, we had 18 shows, and exhibited the work of 30 artists. We’d like to thank everyone who came through and supported us since we’ve opened. It’s been a lot of work, but a lot of fun! We’d like to think we aren’t your typical gallery and also believe in building a strong artist community and camaraderie between some of the hardest-working artists in the city and beyond.”

“Our 2015 exhibition schedule has 13 exhibitions in total – partly because we’re burnt out from the first year – but also to give each artist’s show a longer soak, where more people can come in and enjoy their work. So please come in and see us! We have great opening parties and everyone is welcome.” “Special thanks to our gallery team, art advisor extraordinaire Chris Fadden, our faithful preparator Sean Goheen & newest gallery associate Amanda Prystasz.”



In the ten years that I have known Katsumi he has always demonstrated an incredible work ethic. He has a vast knowledge of the art world, both in the creative and the business side. I trust and value his advice greatly. Will Rafuse, Artist.

A piece owned by the artist Katsumi is a wonderfully magical thing, and made more special when you know that it was wrought by a very special guy. Wendy, Art Advisor.

Having a deep understanding of art and its histories combined with a keen sense of professionalism, Katsumi Kimoto is easy to work with and always the consummate professional. He has the ability to set both artists and collectors at ease thereby making what can be, at times, an ethereal business entirely accessible to all. He is a pleasure to work with. David Wilson, Artist.

I’ve known Katsumi for almost a decade. During his time working in galleries in Vancouver he has blended professionalism with openness and a sincere willingness to help artists and patrons. His ability to communicate with artists offering enthusiastic guidance is second to none. When talking with patrons or new gallery visitors he approaches with amicable delicacy. He is a welcome and much needed professional in the art scene. Marion Webber, Artist, Educator, Consultant.

It has been my pleasure working with Katsumi in the past. He is one of the few gallery people I have worked with able to balance his aesthetic with sales with an eye towards the needs of the artist. I have watched him speak with patrons, impressed as I was, they were more so. I’ve taken much of what I’ve seen from Katsumi to heart and it has better enabled me to bridge the gap between artist and patron. I very much look forward to working with him again. Arvid Wangen, Artist.

ove the diversity of art and artists showcased at the gallery. The Kimotos are great hosts and always make you feel welcome when you pop in for a visit. Jillian Neve.

I saw this gallery on this years Art Walk. The piece that attracted me and is right up my ally was the huma(n)ature pieces by Jennifer Clark. I picked up a postcard of her piece. Her art is a combination of a Tool poster meets the pastel works of Tara McPherson. I just stood and looked at her work hypnotized and mesmerized for a good 20 minutes. The guy running the gallery was super awesome and friendly. The prices for the pieces for what they are are very reasonable. SHILA B, YELP Reviewer

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