Special “Happy Hour” Deals Debut At New South Granville Wine Bar, Grapes & Soda


The GOODS from Grapes & Soda

Vancouver, BC | David Gunawan and Dara Young of South Granville’s Grapes & Soda are pleased to announce the introduction of their happy hour, which sees everything on chef Ron Shaw’s regular menu for half price between 5pm and 6:30pm. The highly anticipated new wine bar is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 5pm to 11pm.


1537 West 6th Avenue | Vancouver, BC
Telephone: 604.336.2456 | Email: info [at] grapesandsoda.ca | Website: www.grapesandsoda.ca
No Reservations | Open: Wednesday to Sunday 5pm-11pm


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The People Who Make It Happen

Dara Young – Owner
David Gunawan – Owner
Satoshi Yonemori – Bar Manager
Ron Shaw – Executive Chef

About Grapes & Soda

The creators of the Farmers Apprentice, David Gunawan and Dara Young, are pleased to welcome you to Grapes and Soda, the first natural wine bar in Vancouver. Grapes and Soda offers an exciting selection of artisanal, natural, and biodynamic wines.

Bar Manager Satoshi Yonemori (previously of Sydney’s Eau De Vie and Wildebeest and The Diamond in Vancouver) spearheads a cocktail program that refreshes the stale and regular.

In the open kitchen, Ron Shaw (formerly the executive chef at Bishop’s) creates seasonal, thought-provoking dishes that compliment the beverage program.

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