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Two Fun and Informative MOV Workshops to Put on Your Calendar This Month

Photo via Museum of Vancouver

From a unique opportunity to commune with nature, to tuning into your self and getting crafty, Museum of Vancouver‘s August programming is front-loaded with rad workshops we think you should know about.

First up: Another wave of summer-y weather should make for the perfect opportunity to take a stroll through the MOV’s Unity Indigenous Plant Garden during one of two Unity Garden Plant Walk with Deanna Miller sessions slated for Friday, August 11th. During each 45-minute-long walk Miller, a Katzie First Nation educator and creator of sxwnem, will be sharing her wisdom on Indigenous plant uses and plant/land/language connections. Space is still available for the morning walk (11:15am-Noon) and afternoon time slot (1-1:45pm) and will cost you about $30 – a fair price for some invaluable knowledge! More details and tickets can be found here.

Then, two days later on August 13th, local artist (also writer and choreographer), Sarah Wong, is hosting Across Our Queer Bodies: A Sash Decorating Textile Workshop to Celebrate Pride. Participants in this 2.5-hour-long workshop will brainstorm and decorate their own sash, while exploring the idea of “pageant sashes as wearable objects of pride that reflect both movements of resistance and expressions of fantastical glamour” and “the ways their bodies can act as a canvas for expressions of queer multiplicity.” Materials are included in the ticket price (available on a $20-55 sliding scale) and no sewing experience is required – but Pride, curiosity, open-mindedness, and any additional adornments you might want to use to personalize your sash are all encouraged. Sounds like a super fun and informative way to spend a Sunday afternoon! Details and registration here.

Neighbourhood: Kitsilano
100 Chestnut St, Vancouver, BC V6J 3J9

This Week at the 2024 Capture Photography Festival

In order to make the most of the festival over the week/weekend ahead, here are our top five picks to add to your itinerary.

Basta BBQ is Breaking the Barbecue Seal on Sunday, April 21st

Smell that? BBQ season is fast approaching, and the team behind Basta BBQ are primed to get grilling ASAP!

Hit East Van for the 2nd Annual Vancouver Brewers Fest, April 19-28th

Since a single person (and liver) can only handle so many beers and beer-drinking celebrations, some prioritizing is in order. Topping off our list of events is the imminent (and, in our opinion, non-negotiable) Vancouver Brewers Fest.

Get to Know the Gastown Izakaya Giving Vancouver’s After-Hours Scene Exactly What it Wants

Oku Izakaya is quickly carving out its niche as the go-to spot for hospitality folks looking for a post-shift destination to chill and decompress.