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TRACK & FOOD PODCAST // BC Attorney General David Eby on Making Things a Little Easier

Welcome to the Track & Food podcast. Host Jamie Mah is a writer, bartender and sommelier in beautiful Vancouver, BC. With co-host Mickey McLeod, they take regular deep dives into everything food and culture in the city and around the globe.

In this super special episode, we speak with BC Attorney General David Eby about the new restaurant and bar wholesale pricing parameters his office released last week. This new pricing – with restaurants and bars receiving 20-25% off what they currently pay – is something the industry has been clamouring for a long time now. On the podcast, Eby details the specifics of the changes, talking about how long they will be implemented, how the process unfolded, and much more.

For certain, this is big news for the restaurant community, which has had a rough go of things because of COVID-19. These new pricing measures should help many establishments moving forward, so kudos to Eby and his team for getting this done. Have a listen…

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  1. What happened to giving back the tax collected on legal fees to legal aid! Something that was supposed to be done a long time ago, and something he has advocated for but forgot about once elected. Shame. Let’s make life better through funding legal aid.

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