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Hit Modus for Killer Coffee and a Special Pastry Pop Up This Weekend

Big News: Myra Maston, the talented baker once responsible for the baking program at the dearly missed Ubuntu Canteen, will be hosting a pop-up event at Modus Coffee this weekend.

Expect loads of Ubuntu’s greatest hits on hand. Grab your carry bag and fill it to the brim! Before you go the added distance of purging your freezer to make room for a cache of her famous sesame-covered sourdough, we should warn you that because Maston has no space to prep and bake bread (yet?), so this is a pastry-forward pop-up (think Canelé, cinnamon buns, chocolate chip cookies, shortbread, quiche and danishes).

Word to the wise: Maston has a cult-like following, so don’t roll in at 2:45 thinking you’ll be able to score – this is a long weekend task to prioritize as early in the day as possible to avoid disappointment!

Welcome back, Myra – Vancouver has missed you!

Neighbourhood: Mt. Pleasant
112 W Broadway

Basta BBQ is Breaking the Barbecue Seal on Sunday, April 21st

Smell that? BBQ season is fast approaching, and the team behind Basta BBQ are primed to get grilling ASAP!

Hit East Van for the 2nd Annual Vancouver Brewers Fest, April 19-28th

Since a single person (and liver) can only handle so many beers and beer-drinking celebrations, some prioritizing is in order. Topping off our list of events is the imminent (and, in our opinion, non-negotiable) Vancouver Brewers Fest.

Get to Know the Gastown Izakaya Giving Vancouver’s After-Hours Scene Exactly What it Wants

Oku Izakaya is quickly carving out its niche as the go-to spot for hospitality folks looking for a post-shift destination to chill and decompress.

Embrace Spring with a Walking Tour of Mount Pleasant’s Boulevard Gardens

Saba Farmand, a local landscape architect and the person behind Blvd Gardens of East Vancouver, is back with his popular series of Earth Day Boulevard Garden Walking Tours, April 13th, 14th and 19th.