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“Big Trouble” Is Now Open On Union Street And Serving Dinner Five Nights A Week


The GOODS from Big Trouble

Vancouver, BC | Big Trouble is now open and serving dinner five nights a week in Chinatown. The restaurant is located at 237 Union Street, right by the Georgia Street viaduct. Featuring Chef Felix Zhou’s summer menu with highlights from BC and a focus on biodynamic producers and sustainable sources, Big Trouble is a polished, casual dining experience that encourages sharing.

Chef Felix trained under several Michelin starred chefs for a few years in London, UK and his technique can be seen in the quiet confidence of quality ingredients and clean presentation. The menus are contemporary with influences ranging from French, the Pacific Rim and modern European.

Diners can expect seductive summer fare such as Peking quail over golden beet purée with puffed wild rice or slow-cooked lamb breast served with fresh zucchini and grilled leeks. Hand-made aubergine dumplings with pinenut Thai curry or the wild spring salmon with pickled shimejis reflect the Pacific Northwest, where Felix grew up as well as his Chinese heritage. On the sweet side, his lemon cheesecake with rhubarb and shortbread is perfectly light for those hot summer nights. Or maybe the mousse with coffee crumble, strawberry glass and baby basil for the chocolate fans.

At the bar, Steve Da Cruz keeps a well-stocked arsenal to deliver almost any classic or request. His wine program keeps a keen eye toward sustainable BC producers as well as carefully sought out interesting creations from BC and other international cellars. Look for windmill-powered pinot noir next to a Pelaverga and even a Rol along with the sublime Cab Franc from Naramata’s Lock & Worth by the glass.

Walk-ins welcome and reservations can be made at bigtroubleyvr.com. Dining on our licensed Patio and at the bar (which is ringside to the kitchen) are available for walk-in only.



237 Union Street in Strathcona/Chinatown | Vancouver, BC
Telephone: 604-336-1698 | Email: seeyou [at] bigtroubleyvr.com
Web: bigtroubleyvr.com | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Photos: Katie Huisman


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Chef: Felix Zhou
Co-Owner/Bar & GM: Steve Da Cruz
Co-Owner: Martin Warren
Co-Owner: Tiffany Easton



Owned and operated by restaurant veterans Steve Da Cruz, Tiffany Easton and Martin Warren, Big Trouble features the talents of Michelin-trained Chef Felix Zhou and focuses on local, seasonal fare. A modern aesthetic with a casual vibe, Big Trouble is also gaining renown for it’s excellence in sustainability. The restaurant generates less than a pound of waste in a month.

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