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Get Stoked for the Pamplemousse Jus Pre-Harvest Dinner and Dance Party, September 9th

Hot on the heels of an inspirational “research” trip to Los Angeles, James Langford Smith (aka one half of Summerland-based natty wine brand, Pamplemousse Jus), is bringing some of his best pals together for a special pre-harvest dinner and afterparty at 265 Pender St….and it’s coming up quickly – this Friday, September 9th!

Rumour is that tickets to the Pre-Harvest Dinner Party with Chef Billy Nguyen are (unsurprisingly) nearly sold out. But if you hop to it you might still be able to score the last remaining spots at either the 6:30pm, 6:45pm, or 7:30pm seating, here. Tickets go for $125 (before tax), including a five-course menu of share plates with Pamplemousse Jus natural wine pairings, plus snacks, a welcome cocktail and tickets to the afterparty (more on that shortly). If you’re more of the spontaneous sort, then take note that the back half of the room is being designated for walk-ins only, with a special snack menu and, of course, plenty of wine available.

Speaking of the afterparty: if you’re serious about food and wine (and fun), then regardless of where you’re coming from, you should definitely not miss out on this end-of-summer (slash end of the week) celebration by hooking yourself up with some tickets. Wine and booze will continue to flow downstairs in the basement from 10pm until 2am, with DJ Liam Butler from the Pender Street Steppers providing the music…all the makings for one helluva good time to connect with other industry folk! Advance tickets ($20 plus fees and taxes) are recommended and can be purchased here.

Nancy Go Yaya
Neighbourhood: Chinatown
265 East Pender St.

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