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Five Reasons to Get Stoked and Save Cash for the Spring Edition of ‘Got Craft?’

The latest edition of Got Craft? takes over the Maritime Labour Centre on May 4/5. Scratch your springtime shopping itch by checking out the five vendors that have us frantically scraping together some spending money…


These hand-woven, environmentally-friendly and ethically-produced accessories are lovingly selected and imported by Vancouverite Rhoda Obineche. Though they may be made for locales more consistently conducive with carrying basket bags than for, say, our rainforest climate, here’s our thought process: what better way to forge optimistically headlong into spring than with a beautiful fair-weather Thai Straw Wrist Bag ($39) or Rattan Square Bag ($83)?


This local jeweller’s earrings stand out from the rest of the DIY pack while still being “on trend” with the whole costume jewelry look that’s recently been embraced by some big name designers. Bonus: the dangly earrings come without the hefty high fashion price tag and minus the literal “I just raided grandma’s closet” aesthetic or moth ball smell. We would totally (and un-ironically) wear these!


We don’t think you need to believe in any imbued magical powers in order to appreciate the beauty that this local ceramicist puts into her animal-moon-intuition-inspired home decor and accessories. However, if a Fox Moon Phase wall hanging ($80) helps us overcome obstacles to achieve solitude or the Time Keeper Whale version (also $80) teaches us to “live in truth and sing our own songs”, then that’s an added bonus! All the wall hangings are handmade and most are one of a kind, so you pick the one that speaks to you!


These women make bath goodies for those of us who like to treat our bodies to tasty treats and treatments above and beyond the gastronomic variety. You can literally steep yourself in Nana + Livy’s “Bath Teas” ($12 each) – including a calming Matcha one and immune-boosting Chrysanthemum blend – and wash your body with a bunch of different yummy bars of soap, including food inspired flavours like coffee, blueberry, rice milk, lemon, matcha and orange. Individual soap squares are $5 each, or you can sate your appetite for all nine options with a $45 box set. Custom boxes for pickier peeps are also available.


Flavours like The Provence – with lavender and local Abbotsford honey – and The Andes – a pumpkin seed and cashew base with cocoa, cinnamon and dates – are packaged in simple, elegant bottles that you actually want to keep and reuse (or return for a $1 deposit). These are just two elements that elevate these nut “mylks” to a level worthy of their price tags ($13). Bonus: the transportive element implied by Nutmegmylk’s names and flavours make eating your morning oatmeal or whipping up an at-home mocha that much more exotic and fulfilling.

Maritime Labour Centre
Neighbourhood: East Vancouver
1880 Triumph Street, Vancouver

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