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Delight in Springtime Treats with Mon Paris’ 2024 Easter Collection

The Goods from Mon Paris Pâtisserie

Burnaby, BC | As Easter approaches, Mon Paris Pâtisserie unveils its sweet array of Easter-themed chocolate treats, enticing both the young and the young at heart. This renowned pâtisserie invites you to embrace spring with its charming chocolate creations, available now for advance online ordering, and in-store pickup. From whimsical chocolate eggs in soft soothing pastels or vibrant Pollock-esque patterns, to cute chocolate duck lollipops and whirlybirds, Mon Paris Pâtisserie’s 2024 Easter Collection promises to enchant every palate.

For those looking to enhance their Easter table, Mon Paris’ owner and pastry chef, Elena Krasnova’s sophisticated special-occasion cakes and morning pastries will add a dash of elegance to your celebrations. Her Lemon Meringue Croissant is especially guaranteed to brighten your Easter morning. This weekend-exclusive pastry is baked until golden, featuring layers of buttery pastry filled with tangy lemon custard and topped with a lightly toasted fluffy meringue.

Mon Paris Pâtisserie 2024 Easter Collection:

Chocolate Duckling Lollipop, $4: Adorable milk chocolate filled with strawberry caramel on a stick.

Springtime Easter Egg, $23: Four-inch milk or dark chocolate Easter eggs with a hand-painted pastel coating, decorated with delicate flowers. Filled with one piece of white chocolate and one piece of milk chocolate.

Abstract Easter Egg, $20: Four-inch milk or dark chocolate Easter eggs with a vibrant Jackson Pollock-inspired shell. Filled with one piece of white chocolate and one piece of milk chocolate.

Abstract Fruit & Nut Easter Egg, $34: Large eight-inch tall milk or dark chocolate Easter egg with a vibrant Jackson Pollock-inspired shell. Filled with caramelized nuts and dried fruits.

Whirlybird, $25: Handcrafted chocolate helicopter in daffodil yellow set in the clouds made entirely of white and milk chocolate, with one signature truffle.

Lemon Meringue Croissant*, $5.90: Layers of shatteringly rich, buttery pastry filled with a luscious lemon custard, and dipped in fluffy meringue and lightly toasted—a perfect sweet and tangy morning treat.
*Available in-store only on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Easter Morning Pastry Boxes, 5 for $26; 8 for $36; 10 for $46: Make Easter morning breakfast easy with a delicious spread of French pastries, including butter, chocolate, and double-baked almond, hazelnut, and pistachio croissants; peach, and raspberry galettes; and cherry, and pistachio turnovers.

Signature Cakes and Desserts, $45-$80: Add an elegant finish to your Easter dinner with Mon Paris Pâtisserie’s exquisite cakes and desserts. Indulge in Elena’s contemporary takes on traditional cakes, available in six or eight-inch sizes, or opt for a decadent display of individual-serving-sized desserts.

Spring on over to Mon Paris Pâtisserie and indulge in sweet treats that will elevate your Easter celebration. Chocolates, pastries, and cakes can be pre-ordered online at monparis.ca/shop, with the option for in-store pickup and takeout at Mon Paris Pâtisserie (4396 Beresford St., Burnaby).

Neighbourhood: Burnaby
4396 Beresford St.

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