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From Gigante Beans to Grocery Stores: Talking All Things Food with Desiree Nielsen

The Vancouver-based nutritionist and author is launching her fourth book on April 23rd. We had the opportunity to preview the book and it inspired us to link up with the author to find out more about her ideas about food and wellness.

Getting Gritty in the Similkameen with Rajen Toor, of Ursa Major Winery

It's been nearly five years since we last had a proper conversation the winemaker - we thought it was about time we reconnected with some serious questions... to solicit his unapologetically opinionated, introspective, intelligent and unfiltered responses. He didn't disappoint.

The Many Sides of Hector Laguna, Executive Chef at Botanist Restaurant

Among the numerous things that Chef Laguna gets stoked about: soccer, Harry Potter, hiking, his neighbourhood, family, and the successes of his kitchen family, as well as the new bounty of Spring ingredients, rolling into the Botanist restaurant kitchen daily...

On Misanthropy, Mental Illness and Marpole, with Local Author, Carleigh Baker

Baker's most recent publication, 'Last Woman', is now available from various local independent bookstores around town. Whether you've already consumed it or not, you can add an extra dimension to your reading by checking out our recent Q&A.

19 Years of Serving Big-Ass Burritos in Mt Pleasant: Get Down with Budgie’s at The Lido TONIGHT!

Before you dance the night away in a crowd of nice, fun-loving people, get to know your hostess and Budgie's founder, Macey Budgell, in this quick-and-dirty interview.

Talking History, Culture, Community and Caribbean Food, with Chef Cullin David

We have a lot of respect, admiration, and questions for the people behind the 13+-year-old restaurant, so an interview was long overdue…

From Anthotypes to Biodiversity and Extremophiles: 10 Questions with Local Artist, Mary Rusak

An in-depth Q&A with the Vancouver-based mixed media artist drawing inspiration from the natural sciences to examine the relationships between humans and non-humans.

Get to Know Chef Hil

Meet Chef Hilary Nguy of Main Street's Sushi Hil. Chef Hil's path to success had its share of hurdles. Read on to learn more about the person behind the sublime sushi that Vancouverites are swooning over.....

On Orbs, Blobs, Communities and Movements with Artist, Yunhan ‘Han’ Wang

Han's exhibition of new ceramic sculptures is on display in the Slice of Life Gallery from Sept. 21-26...check it out!

One Decade of Brewing

Celebrating 10 years, 33 Acres Brewing Co. has become a standout in Vancouver's beer scene. We chat with Founder & Creative Director, Joshua Michnik.

On Bookish Pairings, Local Literary Leanings and “Growing Slow”, with Upstart & Crow

The Granville Island bookshop recently celebrated their three-year anniversary on August 26th. With that in mind, and in the 'back to school' spirit of 'hitting the books', we caught up with their Co-Founders and Creative Operations Director to reflect and chat (and get a bunch of book recommendations, of course)...

On Cheeky Custom Cakes, Better Buttercream, & Rockin’ Out in the Kitchen, with Lyndsay Sung

To learn more about the process of "veganizing" in order to achieve maximum tastiness, we sat down with the indomitable self-taught baker and author of new cookbook, Plantcakes, to chat about unlikely ingredients, baking soundtracks, Cat Burgers, and more...

On Breakthroughs, Vintage Porno Mags, and Real Life Tragicomedies, with Artist Lucinda Calder

Calder's solo exhibit, So Far, So Good opens on Thursday, July 20th (6-10pm) at the Slice of Life Gallery, and will be on display until Tuesday, July 25th.

On Alternative Ways of ‘Doing&Doing’, with Local Artist-Slash-Art-Activist, Dan Siney

Siney is the man behind the (so far) online only pro-artist platform for promoting and selling art, that we think is super cool. Its first in-person exhibition hits the walls of 560 Gallery on July 15th - making now the perfect time to get hip to what Doing&Doing has been doing so far - and what lays beyond its 2D world ahead...

Why is the City of Vancouver Stopping You from Enjoying One of Vancouver’s Best Patios?

Chupito's success story is unique: An empty lot in the DTES transformed into a thriving business that attracts locals and visitors alike with its great food and award-winning service. Plus, they make some of the best cocktails in the city. This place is on the map, and doing something cool. Too bad you can't go...

On ‘Soil-Up’ Production and Starting a Fibre Revolution, with Dana Lee

Transparency and community - it's what we value in the food we buy and consume, so why not extend these same principles to the clothing we wear? Join us as we uncover the Dana Lee Brown designer's perspective on clothing could be a game-changer for your closet...

On Temperamental Tufting and Working Smaller, with Sarah Savoy of ‘Softside Workshop’

Savoy will be showing her pieces at Bespoke Market in Squamish, from April 28th through 30th. Until then, get to know a little more about the textural and colourful world of Savoy's creation by delving into our new interview with her.

On Redefining Success: A Post-Workout “Chin Wag” with Chef Daniel McGee

A little over a year ago, Dan's doctor recommended he make some lifestyle changes and drop some weight. Being the guy that he is, he interpreted that as a challenge, and decided to apply his relentless work ethic into taking control of his health.

Fruit, Meat, Flowers & Lace: Deconstructing the Still Life with Local Artist, Svava Tergesen

In her latest exhibition, Ornamental Cookery (opening at the Audain Art Museum on April 1st) the interdisciplinary artist - who finds inspiration at her local supermarket - continues to explore the domestic sphere and gender roles therein.

On the Power of Art and the Urgency to Think Deeply About Representation, with Emmy Lee Wall

In anticipation of the official launch of this year's Capture Photography Festival (April 1-30, 2023), we connected with Capture's Executive Director to learn a bit more about the festival and its impact a decade in...

Celebrating One Year in Mackenzie Heights: Nine Questions with Gallerist, Mónica Reyes

We took the opportunity to find out more about the gallery and its second West Side neighbourhood setting...

Botanist’s Lead Bartender, Jeff Savage, On Balance, Simplicity, and Connecting

Hospitality industry pros talk to us about why they chose the gig they did, and why they stick with it.

Playing, Exploring, Inventing and Building with Local Artist, Monique Motut-Firth

Motut-Firth's ongoing love and fascination with machines and motion can be seen in a new exhibition (alongside works by Amy J. Dyck) at the Act Arts Centre in Maple Ridge, until February 25th.

On Modern Day Palates, Old Baseball Cards and Acura Legends, with Sam Payne

With another New Year fast-approaching, we think it's awfully apropos to check in and reflect with the co-owner of Port Moody's newest and most nostalgic brewery, Rewind Beer Co.

On Drinking with Your Eyes and Coffee Psychology, with Local Ceramicist, Dustin Ryan Yu

Yu’s latest creation - a cup and saucer collab with Coffee Roastery Modus - is hitting shelves the week of December 5th.

On Hospitality, Sentimental Stripes and Anchovies, with Chef Scott Korzack

Through a short series of personal and industry-related questions, get to know more about Korzack in and out of the Bacaro kitchen...

Take a Break with Courtney Chew, Founder of OCIN Eco-Swimwear & Lifestyle Brand

Step into calm, breezy, beachy vibes this weekend (November 26-27) at 'The Break Room' - a unique pop-up organized by Chew, celebrating community and our oceans, taking place at La Bomba Floristry in Chinatown.

On Wordplay, Grit, and Finding the Storyline, with Jessica Nicklen

We pinned down the photographer and one-half of local brand Heavy Strut Apparel ahead of her new collaborative art show, Mettle, opening at the Slice of Life Gallery Thursday, October 13th.