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On ‘Soil-Up’ Production and Starting a Fibre Revolution, with Dana Lee

Transparency and community - it's what we value in the food we buy and consume, so why not extend these same principles to the clothing we wear? Join us as we uncover the Dana Lee Brown designer's perspective on clothing could be a game-changer for your closet...

Score a Seat at the “Seeyousoon” X Endswell Farm Collab Dinner Series, June 10 + 11

Celebrate all that early June produce has to offer by making your way to the Bowen Island farm for a multi-course fresh-air dining experience focused on seasonality, fermentation, and sustainability.

We Want to Hide Out in This Nifty Bowen Island Airstream Trailer, Indefinitely

Vancouver-based photographer Ryan Voigt takes a trip a trip to Bowen Island to explore the new Wildernest Airstream trailer retreat.

Hop on a Ferry for the Inaugural ‘Bowen Apple Harvest Festival’, Oct. 1-2

There's a new family-run cidery on Bowen Island called Bowen Cider House, and we've got a pretty good excuse to check it out sooner versus later...

Snag Tickets to Bowen Island Fire Cooking Workshop and Feast

Block off a full day, and set yourself up with the outdoors cooking skills to get you through the summer season ahead, imparted by Wild Northern Way chef Jody Peck.

Tripping Further Afield on Bowen Island With Allison Audrey Weldon

On this trip we head to Bowen Island for a day of eating, drinking and enjoying the outdoors, with the founder of Sangre de Fruta Botanical as our trusted guide...

Inside Kitoki Inn, Opening Soon on Bowen Island

The new Japanese-inspired getaway on Bowen Island is made up of three cabins and a bath house surrounded by forest.

The View From Your Window #255

We love posting photos like this that reveal the views through the windows of our readers. We hope you'll consider sharing yours!

We Can’t Wait to Stay at Bowen Island’s Upcoming, Japanese-Inspired Kitoki Inn

We all need things to look forward to right now, which is why I've had my eye on this getaway that's now taking shape...

This Harrowing Bowen Island Ferry Ride Has Become Legend in Local Lore

"I wasn't actually on the 2:20 but my poor sister was and by Jove she hasn't set foot on the mainland since..."

Bao Bei to Kick Off New ‘Sunday Dinner Series’ With Jamaican Family Feast

A Look Inside the Brand New ‘Copper Spirit Distillery’ on Bowen Island

The new distillery just opened and is already attracting an appreciative crowds in the heart of Snug Cove.

La Mezcaleria Chef Mariana Gabilondo to Prepare Special Long Table Feast on Bowen Island

Bowen Island's beautiful Home Farm will host the culinary team from the popular Vancouver restaurant on July 20th.

Fjällräven Bowen Island Hiking Adventure

Bowen Trip So We Can Eat Up Everything At Branch & Butter

Phonetically Amusing Demonyn For The Inhabitants Of Bowen Island

"A bunch of Boweners are coming on the last ferry."

Quiet Oregon Pond Getaway Clad In Glass & Douglas Fir Would Suit Bowen Island

On Dropping Everything To Ferry Your Way To Bowen Island This Weekend

Excellent Reasons To Visit Bowen Island For The 75th Annual Bowfest – Aug. 29