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Artist Elise McLauchlan On Music, Mistake Making, And The Inner Workings of Wood.

Not only does the artist carve wood bowls, vases, plates and candleholders with stunningly simple lines, she also offers woodcarving courses for those interested in developing their own skill.

Viewing the World Through Juvenile Eyes, with Local Artist Amanda Niekamp

The Vancouver-based painter and illustrator's new solo show, Procession, will be on the walls of the Slice of Life Gallery from August 25-30. Get to know more about the artist and her process in this new Q&A.

Six Questions With Chef Robert Belcham

Leading up to the inaugural in-person Cooks Camp (Sept. 13-14, 2022) we caught up with and posed some of our most pressing industry related questions to the local chef and restaurant proprietor, and event organizer.

Creativity, Momentum and Appreciating Vancouver Restaurants with Chef Angus An

For perspective (and for fun), we posed the same set of questions we asked Chef An way back in 2009 to find out what has changed and what has remained the same. Here is what we found out...

On Putting on Meditation Mileage and Learning to ‘Just Be’, with Kim Okabe of The Litas

Okabe is the Global Community Director for a growing group of rad motorcycle-riding and -loving womxn, including a Vancouver branch that currently numbers in the hundreds.

On Crucibles and the Paradox of Dishwashing, with Local Author Dustin Cole

Dustin Cole is a Vancouver-based dishwasher and writer whose novel, Notice, centres around a cynical dishwasher from Alberta, and features themes of precarious housing, renoviction and more...

On the Return of the Oughts and Desiree’s Skirt: A Conversation on Style, with Lauren Sundstrom

The Vancouver-based fashion, beauty and trans advocacy content creator gives us an injection of Spring inspiration, with her list of local faves and finds.

Talking About Artistic Collaboration with “Art Husbands” Atheana Picha and Hue Nguyen

The duo's upcoming show at the Slice of Life Gallery includes individual and collaborative pieces, and will be on display from March 17th to 22nd.

Artist Alex Smyth on Being a “Sore Thumb” and Creating a More Colourful Community

We recently asked the illustrator, ceramist and curator of the Playground Pop-Up art market to tell us about her practice, inspirations, and the importance of communal art spaces.

On Being Kind and Putting the ‘Fun’ in Fundraiser with Local Artist, Lisa Taniguchi

The artist behind the Be Kind Club tells us a bit more about the initiative she founded and her own practice of creating.

A Handful of Questions With Maxine Tamoto of Kid Sister Skin Care

We recently caught up with the local brand's founder to ask a few questions about her move into the world of skin care and the challenges of launching a small business solo.

A Deep Dive Into the Complex Worlds of Hana Amani

A candid and introspective long-form interview with the vibrant and outspoken local artist...

Six Questions with Local Artist, Allison Eng

Meet the Vancouver-based graphic designer and illustrator whose incredible drive and talent recently caught our attention...

On Being a Barfly, Playing with Clay and Going to “Bummer Jail”, with Alex Joukov

The Vancouver-based tattoo artist and illustrator has been on our radar since discovering her label art for Marrow Vermouth in 2020 - a one-on-one conversation was long overdue...

From Forbidden Fires to Making Magick: Seven Questions with “The Wax Witch”, Portia Pascuzzo

A brief interview with the founder of The Wax Witch Candle Co. - a new line of locally made soy candles infused with bewitching fragrances, as well as other magick-al properties...

On Oneiric Visions, Dust-Covered Trinkets, and the Invention of ‘Post Folk’, with Dariush Alexander

The Vancouver-based artist creates paintings, etchings and tattoo designs that are rich in allegory, narrative and iconography.

Six Questions with Local Photographer, Dina Goldstein

Her latest series, OG Punk, is currently on display at the Polygon Gallery through January 2nd, 2022.

Eight Questions with Multidisciplinary Artist, Bookmaker and Local Historian, Marlene Yuen

A brief but informative investigation into the thoughts and processes of the Vancouver-based artist and recipient of an honourable mention from the 2021 City of Vancouver Book Awards.

From Playing Hooky to Perfect Pearls: Ten Questions with Noon Jewellery

A brief but in-depth interview with Sophia Armstrong, the woman behind the locally made, quirky yet elegant jewellery brand.

Catching Up with Local Artist, Thinker and Mover, Golnaz Kiany

A short yet insightful and inspiring interview with the Iranian-born, Vancouver-based painter and world citizen.

Eight Questions With Local Knitter, Claudia Wilde

Get cozy and read on for our recent interview with the East Van maker and bright businesswoman.

Unmasking the Art and Discipline of Local Illustrator and Printmaker, Mariko Ando

Leading up to her participation in the annual "Krampusmarkt" event (Dec. 3-5) the artist was kind to satisfy our curiosity about her practice in this short nine question interview...

A Brief Glimpse Into the Multi-Disciplined Life of Local Artist, Charlie Labelle

We put a handful of questions to the filmmaker, comedian and painter following her recent show at the Charles Clark Gallery.

On Creative Play and Always Improving With Barter Design Co-Founder, Kenneth Torrance

On the heels of the opening of Barter Design's Vancouver flagship retail location, in June, we caught up with the company's co-founder to discuss the new shop, the local creative community, and his brand new sense of focus, among other things...

INTERVIEW // Livia’s Bakery Manager, Sabine Thorson, on Living Life Covered in Flour

As the flour was settling on a busy week of Valentine's Day prep, Thorson found a bit of time to talk with us about life and work.

On the Crafts of Communication and Creating Identity With Artist Lydia Cecilia

To get up close with her artwork, be sure to RSVP to the February 13th Neighbourhood Pop-Up event.

On Looking Twice and Getting Dandy With Local Artist, Aaron Moran

Moran, a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Maple Ridge, is the current Artist-in-Residence at Port Haney House.

Making Sense of ‘Objects of Little Importance’ With Vancouver Artist David Briker

Each painting in the series depicts the private world of 15 local artists through a random selection of their possessions.