Celebrate International Waffle Day With Features at Juke Fried Chicken and Beetbox

The Goods from Juke Fried Chicken & Beetbox

Vancouver, BC | To celebrate International Waffle Day on Thursday, March 25, Chinatown hotspot Juke Fried Chicken will be serving up its signature dish of southern-fried, gluten-free chicken and waffles — one drum and thigh and two waffles with chipotle-maple drizzle and pickled jalapeños — for just $10 for one day only.

West End Vancouver destination Beetbox will offer up a custom plant-based spin on an old brunch favourite with its ‘Chick-Un & Waffles for the Weekend’ feature in honour of International Waffle Day from Thursday, March 25 through Sunday, March 28. The deliciously vegan-, vegetarian- and flexitarian-approved creation comprises fried chick-un (seitan) and vegan waffles with pickled jalapeños, hemp seed dressing and spiced maple syrup for $12.50.

Vegan Yeasted Waffles
By Beetbox Chef/Co-Owner Bryan Satterford
Yield: roughly one dozen 4-5 inch waffles


8 g Dried Yeast
15 g Organic cane sugar
275 ml Unsweetened pea protein milk (any plant-based milk works here, Almond and cashew for example work well)
½ Cinnamon stick
2-3 Cardamom pods
60 g Water
20 ml Avocado oil (canola or grapeseed also works)
15 ml Vanilla
7 g Ground flax seed
450 g AP flour
4 g Kosher salt
5 g Baking powder
225 g Refined/de-scented coconut oil (broken into ½ inch pieces and hardened in the fridge)


Heat the plant-based milk in a small saucepan with the spices until just below a simmer. Turn off the heat and allow milk to cook to 40C (roughly body temperature), remove the spices from the milk and add the yeast and allow to bloom.

While the milk is cooling, gather the rest of your ingredients. Mix flax seed together with water, avocado oil, vanilla and allow the flax to thicken. Assemble the dry ingredients together in a mixer bowl.

To assemble, dissolve flax mixture to the yeasted milk then add both to the mixing bowl with the flour. Mix with a dough hook on medium until a smooth dough has formed, about 3-5 minutes. Turn the mixer down to medium low and slowly start adding in the chilled coconut oil piece by piece. This process should take a few minutes — the idea is to emulsify the chilled oil into the dough. Once all the oil is fully emulsified, you should be left with a smooth, elastic dough.

Allow dough to rise on the countertop until it doubles in size. (Alternatively, dough can be made ahead and allowed to rise in the fridge overnight). Punch down the dough and separate into 12 portions (roughly 75-80 g each).

With an inverted cupped hand roll each portion into balls and allow to rise again until pillowy, roughly an hour. Cook on waffle iron according to manufacturers instructions and enjoy with maple syrup and whatever other topping you wish to add!

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