Five Cool Things We Want From Gastown’s 51 Powell Shop

Perhaps sensing our need for some new at-home inspiration after months of self-isolation, the 51 Powell boutique recently reopened their Gastown space to the public.

The objects and books at 51 Powell (curated by the good folks at the nearby Neighbour shop) are an eclectic collection of handmade and vintage items that are beautiful, useful and often surprising — the works of local and international artisans alike. Here’s a list of five things from the shop that we think would make our spaces more joyful to inhabit during the uncertain months ahead…

Nathalee Paolinelli Ceramics

Local artist Nathalee Paolinelli‘s collection of dishes, vases and candle holders are colourful, silly and frilly. They’re also sure to inspire some smiles — an important quality in pretty much everything these days.

Kiosk Straw Broom

A tidy space can have wondrous effects on the psyche, and sweeping long pre-dates Livestream gym classes as the original at-home workout. And, finally, if reading the description for this Italian made straw broom doesn’t get you excited about cleaning, then probably nothing will: “Clean stoop, perfect body, clear mind, that’s our motto here at Kiosk. I’m brooming all day long, taking a pass on delicious things, exercising manically and meditating every hour. Brushing away the cobwebs, humdrum and the fat. I’m Kondo-ing, juic-ing, cycl-ing, and yoga-ing all night long. You can’t stop me now. I’m sweeping all the detritus out. I have got the tool. You have got the tool. We have got the tool.”

Olga Goose Candle

All of the candles created by Japanese brand Olga Goose are special in their own wacky way, and may or may not possess the ability to bring on love or a curse…if you can actually bring yourself to burn them. But to burn or not to burn is not the most important question – it’s which one we want the most! Busty Cat Suit lady? Pink Cats? All of the Peanut family (Lucy, Harry, Andy and Bobby)?

Asp and Hand “Ding-a-Ling” Straw

Supposedly these impeccably named glass straws by the Bellingham based brand Asp and Hand are meant for child-sized hands, but in our fantasy home life scenario we’d pair them with their parrot green Spritz set and a good cocktail.

Found by Neighbour Vintage Picnic Orb

Although this retro picnic set is technically meant for getting out of the house, which we’re happy to do while the weather is cooperative, we’re also envisioning it as the centrepiece for some future rainy day indoor picnics. Regardless, if ever there was a time to invest in picnic ware, now is it, and this 60s/70s one is way too cool to pass up on.

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