One of BC’s Top Restaurants Set to Close Due to Massive Rent Increase

Scott and Stephanie Jaeger are closing The PearTree next month. Located on East Hastings St. in Burnaby, the award-winning fine dining restaurant – a fixture for 23 years – was long a driving force in the development of British Columbia’s culinary identity, renowned for its old school attention to detail in service and its celebration of local ingredients. Its final service will be held on August 15th. Full press release below:

Distinguished BC restaurant, The PearTree Restaurant, will close its doors, after twenty-three years of providing award winning cuisine and service, due to irreconcilable lease negotiations. The decision by The PearTree owners, Scott and Stephanie Jaeger, did not come lightly and lease negotiations on their Burnaby Heights location had been ongoing well before the pandemic to find a workable agreement. Facing more than a forty percent rent increase, a landlord’s desire for a ‘demo clause’ in year one, along with a number of other unworkable clauses have left the reputable husband-wife hospitality team no choice but to close their restaurant as of August 15, 2020.

The PearTree Restaurant team remained committed to finding a solution and focused on safety and the well-being of each other and the guests during these unprecedented times. Stephanie Jaeger admits “the last several months have been a challenge to say the least. The dedication and commitment from the staff have been unbelievable and with amazing customers and suppliers supporting take out and restricted dining, we brought July sales back to be on par with last year so to not be able to find a solution to the lease is very disappointing.”

The PearTree Restaurant has always been a destination outside the mold, bringing together world-class cuisine and downtown elegance with approachability and a sense of community. After taking the helm of a pre-existing restaurant space on Christmas Eve of 1997, Scott and Stephanie Jaeger opened the doors to The Pear Tree Restaurant in January of 1998 following some interior renovations. Positive feedback from diners confirmed that there was a desire for a high quality dining experience outside of the downtown core, and in April of the following year the restaurant was awarded Best New Restaurant from both Vancouver Magazine and the BC Restaurant Association.

Since then, The PearTree Restaurant has been continually recognized regionally and nationally as one of Canada’s leaders in the restaurant business. Stephanie and Scott Jaeger have sparked the careers of many hospitality professionals and mentored many at their restaurant, as well as in their community roles as active member and past president of Les Dames Escoffier BC Chapter (Stephanie) and active founding member and past president of Chefs’ Table Society of BC (Scott). Both Stephanie and Chef Scott have been individually inducted into the BCRFA restaurant Hall of Fame and the entire team past and present is proud to be named again in 2020 to Canadas Top 100.

The PearTree team take incredible pride in these accolades but most cherish the special moments guests have been able to enjoy at their establishment. “The memories of this location will live forever. For the foreseeable future, we will offer in-home catering to continue making memories with guests until a new environment presents itself where more memories can be made and new careers launched.” says Stephanie Jaeger. The Jaegers are hopeful in finding a new option; an environment where they can work together with all involved and have a platform to grow and flourish.

The PearTree Restaurant will be taking reservations at their 4120 E. Hasting Street location until August 15, 2020. Scott Jaeger comments, “in a perfect world the hope would have been to have some of the amazingly talented alumni return to cook on the stove and grace the dining room floor alongside the current team with guests from the last two decades enjoying a last Chefs menu. Sadly, this is not the environment for such celebrations.” The safety of the staff and guests remain the top priority and reservations will be taken under current dining room restrictions for the remaining two weeks.

Information on how to book a private in-home function will be posted shortly on the website, bringing the quality and elegance of The PearTree Restaurant into the safety of your own home.

There are 3 comments

  1. Another fine local business indirectly taxed to death; such a shame.

    My condolences.

  2. This is awful.

    One of Vancouver’s top chefs and one of my favorite restaurants. I am so sad about this.

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