Harvest Community Foods Expands With Second Location on Union Street

The GOODS from Harvest Community Foods

Vancouver, BC | Fans of Harvest Community Foods will be delighted to learn the popular Chinatown grocer and eatery is expanding its presence on Union Street. This April, Harvest will open the doors to Harvest Noodles, a brand-new 25-seat day-and-night restaurant where Chef & Owner Andrea Carlson will serve up her classic West Coast-style noodle bowls. The original restaurant – renamed to Harvest Plant + Provisions – will continue to operate its community supported agriculture (CSA) program; sell locally-sourced provisions; and launch a new plant-based menu.

After nearly eight years of serving nourishing locavore fare in an intimate setting, Harvest Community Foods has outgrown the 16-seated operation as a grocer and pick-up spot for the CSA program. Chef Andrea, her partner Kevin Bismanis and long-time collaborator Gabriella Meyer are excited to expand the Harvest restaurant concept by offering distinct culinary experiences in addition to their CSA program.

At Harvest Noodles – located in the former Tuck Shoppe, a few doors away – longtime visitors can enjoy Harvest’s signature noodle bowls, whose intriguing flavours such as ramen with squash and miso broth, and udon with sake kasu chicken, have earned a cult following. With extended hours from day to night and a license to serve liquor, Harvest will offer full table service and a beverage program that features B.C. ciders, beer and wines. The 25-seat restaurant will carry on Harvest’s design tradition of simplicity and sustainability, with a minimalistic interior, Parker’s plywood banquette and original concrete bringing the vibrant dishes to front and centre.

At Harvest Plant + Provisions – the original Harvest Community Foods space – Chef Andrea Carlson is pleased to launch a new plant-based menu. Offering fresh new vegan and vegetarian dishes in the familiar café environment – think shiitake bolognese with cauliflower and almond parmesan; carrot ‘lox’ and dill crème fraîche on brioche; turmeric coconut chickpea curry; and tofu tonkatsu – the space will also continue to operate as the hub of Harvest’s CSA program. Supporting an alternative economic model of food distribution, the CSA program provides consumers with local produce every two weeks. Subscribers may preview future boxes by signing up for Harvest’s newsletter, which spotlights different ways to use the ingredients through recipes. Winter boxes cost $35 and portioned for two people. First-time buyers can try the box as a single purchase (no commitment required) or for multiple weeks, while longstanding culinary aficionados can sign up for a full season or year-round.

“We are thrilled to expand our operations with the opening of Harvest Noodles and the evolution of Harvest Plant + Provisions,” says Andrea Carlson. “Harvest is truly a community project, which came to life nearly eight years ago thanks to a public vote. Now, the community’s ongoing support has allowed us to grow our restaurant and grocery concept, so we can ensure each restaurant offers the best experience possible for our guests.”
Recognized as a champion of local urban produce and farm-to-table fare, Harvest is committed to bridging the connection between people and their food, promoting sustainability and transparency in all of its operations. For more information visit Harvestunion.ca.

About Harvest Community Foods | At its core, Harvest Community Foods is committed to bringing sustainable fare that is equally delicious and health-conscious to the local community. By carrying locally sourced produce, small-batch artisan products and plenty of vegan alternatives, Harvest aims to encourage Vancouverites to cultivate a close connection to the food they eat and the region they call home. The grocery and restaurant’s design achieves the perfect balance between rustic and contemporary, echoing the aesthetic yet approachable vibe of sister eatery Burdock & Co. Warm, welcoming and bustling throughout the day, Harvest is a place to gather and connect – a true cornerstone of the thriving neighbourhood in which it is located.

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