Treat Your Senses to Some Foraging Fun at the 4th Annual Truffle Festival

Prepare your senses, because it’s almost time for the fourth annual Truffle Festival! This year the Truffle Association of British Columbia has organized two of its signature events for the public to enjoy for one weekend only.

On Saturday, February 29th, plan for a day out at UBC Farm so you can get acquainted with native BC truffles and locally grown Mediterranean types; learn the basics on everything from cultivation to truffle dog hunting; and get cooking tips from a panel of truffle experts. Following the in-depth talk (1:30-3pm) and tasting (truffles permitting) the afternoon ends with a demonstration in the UBC Truffle Orchard, led by canine truffle foraging experts Macchi, a Lagotto Romagnolo, and Puggle duo Dexter and Denver (with their human companions in tow). Tickets for ‘Truffles: Cultivation, Harvest & Truffle Dogs’ are $50 each and available here.

For truffle-lovers who are extra hungry for some knowledge, the following day (Sunday, March 1st) the TABC is also hosting a three-hour-long truffle foraging expedition with limited spots available for the public to join. The event takes place at the undisclosed South Langley location of the orchard currently producing the only Mediterranean Bianchetto truffles in all of Canada. Participants at ‘Harvesting with Truffle Dog(s)’ will get to see the trained trio of Macchi, Dexter and Denver put their skills to use in the field sniffing out the elusive ingredients, and then taste a selection of specially prepared truffle hors-d’oeuvres. Tickets to this exceptionally rare opportunity are $100 each and available here. Bonus: All proceeds from both events go towards supporting the UBC Farm’s demonstration truffle orchard! If your senses are already tingling, then follow your instincts and get your tickets now.

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