Throwback 10 Years Ago to When a Popular Gastown Restaurant Space Was First a Pop-Up Gallery

For this edition of #ThrowbackThursday we go back exactly 10 years to the first time the public gained access to a special glassed-in fish bowl space at 115-12 Water Street.

I was going through some image files recently and found this shot of the brand new and still very raw ‘Garage’ space that would soon be transformed into the second coming of Boneta restaurant (then Shirakawa in 2014, and MeeT in 2016). 10 years ago to the day it was being used as one of several pop-up galleries featuring the works of two dozen Vancouver’s artists (including the likes of Kris Krug and Andy Dixon) as part of ArtWalk Vancouver 2010, which was concentrated on the Downtown Eastside during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

To my knowledge, this was the very first time the doors to what would eventually become a storied courtyard restaurant space were ever opened to the public. To give you an idea as to what it would become a year later, flip through the shots below…

  • IMG_7804
  • IMG_7808
  • IMG_7814
  • IMG_7794
  • IMG_7811
  • IMG_7813
  • Boneta
  • IMG_7786
  • IMG_7806
  • IMG_7800
  • IMG_7785
  • IMG_7802
  • IMG_7801
  • IMG_7792
  • IMG_7790
  • IMG_7788
  • IMG_7789
  • IMG_7787

Fun fact: the intrepid organiser of the ArtWalk was none other than Rachel Zottenberg, who – with partner David Duprey – has since gone on to open several successful hospitality projects, including the Emerald Supper Club, Uncle Abe’s, the Rumpus Room and its little Key Party adjunct.

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  1. Brings back memories… Worked as a garde manger at boneta back in 2012 or so. The gm at the time helped pique my interest in wine and I’ve been working with wine ever since.

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