Timber Gives a Supplier Shout Out to de Vine Wine & Spirits

Photo by Margot Baloro

Scout works with a lot of local restaurants to get the word out about the cool and delicious things they’re doing, but they couldn’t do what they do without access to awesome ingredients. To get what they need, culinary creatives depend on personal networks of passionate artisans, farmers and producers who often work hard without ever seeing the glory they deserve. Since it’s always good to recognize those who have your back, we bring you the Supplier Shout Out!

In this edition, we go behind the bar at Timber to find out from Restaurant Manager, Jonathan Dennis, about the unique hybrid liquor that’s adding warmth to one of their most festive seasonal cocktail features.

Which one of your suppliers do you want to give a shout out to? de Vine Wine & Spirits.

What does this supplier supply you? Honey Shine Amber.

How is this ingredient featured on your menu? Featured cocktail at Timber for fall 2019, ‘À la Mode’ (as “in fashion” – like a pumpkin spiced latte rather than ice cream), $14.

de Vine Honey Shine Amber “Rum”, Cropthorne Farm’s Red Kuri Squash butter (the squash is roasted, pureed, and cooked down to a butter with maple syrup and brown sugar), fall-spiced shrub (apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, clove, ginger, allspice, nutmeg, brown sugar), squash (dehydrated Delicata) and pie crust rim.

Why are you excited to use this ingredient in particular? Dubbed ‘Vancouver Island meets Barbados’, the Honey Shine Amber is a rum-style spirit that is a perfect showcase for what de Vine is all about – utilizing local ingredients to create world-class products. The usage of honey adds a rich body and just the right amount of sweetness.

Similar to pumpkin butter, the squash butter is made with Red Kuri Squash from Cropthorne Farm on Westham Island (just outside of Ladner). Family-owned and certified organic, Cropthorne is dedicated to sustainability, delivering all of their product in re-usable totes, always fresh and seasonal.

What do you suggest pairing with this particular cocktail? The drink is modeled around pumpkin pie, and could be enjoyed as a dessert by itself, or paired nicely with other fall flavours.

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