A Conversation with Tonight’s Eastside Flea Clubhouse DJ, Shanique Kelly (aka Softieshan)

The GOODS from Eastside Flea

Vancouver, BC | This week we are profiling Shanique Kelly, aka Softieshan. You can check her out DJing at the Eastside Flea this Friday June 14th at the Clubhouse at 238 East 1st from 5pm-10pm. Don’t miss out. It’s going to be a very fun weekend!

How and why did you start DJing?

I started DJing when I attended the first ever Intersessions workshop back in 2016. I never imagined it would become a career path, it was just a cheap workshop that was nearby and sounded fun! It only became a passion once I threw my first event, a fundraiser for BLM. Through that I realized the beauty of creating intentional, community driven night life spaces.

Explain what Intersessions is and how it has impacted your DJ career?

Intersessions is an inclusive sound initiative that aims to bridge the inequality gap in DJing. Intersessions runs DJ & sound workshops for women, bipoc and members of the LGBTQ+ community to access equipment and learn skills in a safe environment. When the founders of Intersessions moved to different cities that asked if I wanted to take over the Vancouver chapter.

What do you enjoy about the Flea being at the Clubhouse for the summer?

The Clubhouse is such a great space! I feel like it’s a bit more intimate which is nice. Eastside Studios is great but a big space can be but overwhelming sometimes, especially when there are so many things you want to check out. The patio at the clubhouse is also fantastic and you can bring a drink out onto it which is quite the selling point since you can’t do that at the other space.

Who are some of your favourite vendors and what are some of your favourite items that you have #foundattheflea

This is truly difficult. I am a huge fan of the flea and have so many gems. My favourite vendors are Nectourous (I use the soap daily and gift it to everyone in my life including my therapist) and Homecoming candles (You can never have too many candles!) My favourite #foundattheflea item right now is my new revol period underwear! I love them so much — they are such a game changer. Also, my favourite pants ever that I wear every other day. They are floral and flowy and from the very cool folks of Kool Things Vintage.

What do you like doing in Vancouver on a day off?

I like to lay in the sun! In the green grass, in the sand, in a reclining chair on a patio – anything will do! Bonus points if it’s near a body of water. The ocean is magical.

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