Savour Summer Year-Round with Local Pickles & Preserves from Harvest Community Foods

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Vancouver, BC | Harvest Community Foods is saving the best of summer with the magic of pickling, and fans of fresh produce can now pick up jars of local jams and pickles to save for winter, or to use now as delicious garnishes and relishes. Summer’s rainbow of in-season fruits and veggies, perfectly preserved, now line the shelves at the Strathcona store and eatery, and are also featured in menu items at sister restaurant Burdock & Co..

Chefs Andrea Carlson and Gabriella Meyer have built close relationships with local farmers over the years – and that means guests have access to jams and pickles crafted from the freshest quality produce that’s been picked at its seasonal peak. Current offerings at the store include tart rhubarb jam; savoury pickled cucumbers and beans; subtly sweet blueberry and raspberry preserves; and jars of wild Nootka Rose Honey. This sweet treat is made in-house by pouring boiled honey over Nootka rose petals, then letting the mixture set into a delicate floral glaze. Wow guests, or please your own palate, by drizzling the honey over figs and ricotta, stirring into Greek yogurt or spreading over toast with goat chevre. Visitors to Burdock & Co can sample Nootka Rose Honey in select brunch and dinner dishes.

Inspired to try pickling and preserving for yourself? Start with fresh, crisp veggies such as beets, cucumbers, beans and asparagus – all of which can be pickled into briny snacks or relishes – and stone fruits, such as apricots, that pair well with grilled meats. These ingredients and more can be found in Harvest Community Foods’ CSA boxes, which are replenished frequently with seasonal farm finds and are available for pick-up every two weeks. Learn about upcoming CSA box inclusions by signing up for the newsletter.

“Pickles and preserves are the perfect way to enjoy the best summer produce all year long – and they also make great gifts,” says Gabriella Meyer. “Beginners should note that it’s important to use clean, ripe produce, and set aside time to pickle properly. Slow down and enjoy the process!”

Meyer recommends that if you plan DIY pickling, invest in proper preserving equipment, including candy thermometers, funnels, and large pots to boil and sterilize jars. She also cautions that recipes should be followed precisely; for example, jams need a specific amount of sugar or they won’t set properly. Also, certain produce requires more attention than others – beets, for instance, need to be cooked, peeled and cut, whereas other veggies simply need a trim. Happy preserving!

Located at 243 Union Street, Harvest Community Foods is open seven days a week, Monday to Friday from 11:00am to 8:00pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am to 7:00pm. Seatings are available on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information, please call 604.682.8851 or visit



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Open seven days a week
Monday to Friday: 11am-8pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11am-7pm


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Harvest Community Foods - Interior 6

Andrea Carlson, Owner
Gabriella Meyer, Chef / Partner


Harvest Community Foods - Ramen with pork shoulder, marinated egg, radish and candied bacon

Harvest has roots firmly planted in community. The grocery and foods shop began as community project (This Space), in which a public vote determined the use of the site. Voters chose to use the space as a local foods grocery, and dubbed the shop Harvest Community Foods. Residents in the Chinatown-Strathcona neighbourhood regularly drop by for Harvest’s signature noodle soups, made with a variety of fresh veggies and meats in rich homemade broth. Harvest also offers innovative chef-crafted Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares of bi-weekly farm produce, available year-round as a single purchase, for multiple weeks or an entire season.

At its core, Harvest Community Foods proudly offers delicious and health-conscious fare, with an equal focus on transparency and sustainability. By carrying urban produce and small production vegan and local foods, Harvest helps Vancouverites foster a closer connection to the food they eat and community they call home.

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