Innovative Chefs, Bartenders, Wild Harvesters Set For ‘Colab At Latab’ — Oct. 24


The GOODS from Latab Food

Vancouver, BC | On October 24th the West End’s Latab Food will host a special monthly event that puts the focus on collaborations between some of Vancouver’s most innovative chefs, bartenders, and wild harvesters. Known as “Colab @ Latab,” the event will be hosted by the restaurant’s chef and co owner Kris Barnholden, along with local forager Camille Flanjak of Museum Eats.

For this dinner we will be focusing on the wild mushrooms indigenous to our region that are so abundant in the fall. We will forage some rare and unique varieties such as jelly tooth fungus, turkey tail and witches butter, as well as more recognized varieties including pine mushrooms, chanterelles and lobster mushrooms. We will transform these ingredients into a thoughtful 6 course tasting menu paired with cocktails made from wild crafted foods.

Juno Kim focuses his time on creating memorable dining experiences while utilizing local, seasonal ingredients. Juno’s strengths lie in pulling from his past life experiences in fashion, economics and psychology to create unique plates. Through his catering business he provides thoughtful food for some of the top tech companies, boutiques and tastemakers in the city. His love of mushrooms will shine through with this month’s theme.

Satoshi Yonemori is a bartender who is not afraid to push boundaries, utilizing savoury ingredients and unusual elements to create striking cocktails. Satoshi has a background in the kitchen having worked at the famed Boneta as well as Save on Meats in Vancouver. Satoshi has worked at top cocktail bars in Vancouver and abroad including Wildebeest (Vancouver), The Diamond (Vancouver), Eau de Vie (Sydney) eventually returning to Vancouver to open Grapes & Soda. Look for Satoshi to bring his playful style to the forefront with beverages based on mushrooms and wild foods.

Cost of this six course meal which includes sparkling wine, food, tax and gratuity is $85. Beverages can be purchased at an additional cost. Tickets are available through Eventbrite here.

Kris and Camille have created “Colab @ Latab” to explore possibilities with local food and beverages in Vancouver, aiming to collaborate with some of the city’s exceptional culinary talent, and work on new ideas and directions within the community. Possible future focuses include explorations of ‘terroir’ in locally farmed vegetables and wildcrafted foods, nutrition based on seasons, and historical and traditional local foods.

About Museum Eats | Museum Eats is an organization that aims to build community and the connection between source and stomach. Our main work is in training restaurant workers to understand local food sources, especially in the wild. We conduct private and public workshops with a holistic perspective: from sustainability and permaculture, to hipster foodism and plant spirit medicine.



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Key People


Kris Barnholden – Chef/Owner | Kris Barnholden will lend his creative vision and talents to the realization of Latab. He has cooked at restaurants all over Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and London. After years travelling and cooking he is thrilled to back in his beloved Vancouver.

“I’ve always had a love for the kitchen,” says Barnholden. “The craft, the atmosphere, the adrenaline rush of service, the uncompromising attitude necessary for success. Operating a restaurant demands that you’re able to perform a multitude of tasks and continually push yourself to keep learning.”

The Kelowna born chef began his career in Vancouver, where his interest in cooking led him to study Culinary Arts at VCC. Over the years Barnholden has developed a handful of other talents beyond cooking: he worked as a chocolatier for Chocolate Arts, and in 2002 he was the head pastry chef for Michelin restaurant Chez Bruce in London, U.K. In 2013 he moved out east to Toronto to work as Chef De Cuisine at Toronto’s URSA restaurant, where he aided in menu development, food cost, menu implementation and training. He has worked as executive chef at Lucy Mae Brown and chef de cuisine at Parkside here at home in Vancouver.

As chef/owner he is involved in all aspects of the restaurant; including research + development, design, and of course cooking. “I love curating the diners experience from the ambiance of the room (music, design) to the smallest details,” says Barnholden. When not opening restaurants he has a curiosity with fermenting, specializing in vinegars, kombucha, kefir, and pickles. Barnholden recently staged at Luksus in Brooklyn, NY. He is also an abstract painter and beekeeper.

Eryn Dorman – Owner/FOH Manager | Eryn began his front of house career at the celebrated and long missed Aurora Bistro working with industry veterans Katharine Manson and Jeff Van Geest. After Aurora’s closing Eryn joined the team at Fuel Restaurant under the guidance and tutelage of celebrated Chef Robert Belcham and award winning Sommelier Tom Doughty where he further developed his love and enthusiasm for progressive cuisine and beautiful wines. He then continued on with Tom and Robert for the revamp of Fuel to ReFuel and then took over the bar program at Campagnolo Roma. Having a strong desire to return to his home town of Toronto he continued on to work at acclaimed restaurants La Societe, Hopgood’s Foodliner and lastly Los Colibris Cocina Mexicana. In addition to working in some of Toronto’s most celebrated restaurants he also had the great fortune to learn from Master Sommelier Bruce Wallner at the Sommelier Factory. “Learning from Bruce was a humbling and exciting time for me. To really look at the fundamentals of wine with someone so rich with knowledge was an incredible opportunity.” Eryn could no longer deny his longing to be back in Vancouver and took a position at Homer Street Cafe and Bar as Assistant Manager working alongside industry pro Matt Martin.

“My feeling about the experience one should have at a restaurant is really about entertainment. Having fun and allowing yourself to relinquish control. Being present in an experience that is designed for you the guest. It gives me so much satisfaction to be able to facilitate a guest experience that does change the perception of what it is to dine out.”

“It is not simply about getting something to eat but a catalyst for greater human connection. Some of my fondest memories of great times with friends and family have always been at the dinner table. Whether it be at a restaurant or in the warmth of someone’s home”

About Latab


Food For Our Future Selves | At Latab we continually strive to harness the energy and vigour present in our living foods. We aim to maintain the healthful nutrients present in our ingredients and enrich them through our careful and thoughtful handling. We use a minimal amount of cream and butter preferring to focus on the natural textures and flavours of whole ingredients. Our vinegars and oils are made in house to ensure freshness and invigorate the palate with live foods. The building of layers and flavours are done through methods such as fermentation, dehydration and juicing which showcase the ingredients as they are, not masked behind the additions of heavy reductions or unnecessary fats. Our sincere approach to the ingredients sourced throughout the Pacific Northwest using techniques both old and modern thoughtfully pairing flavours to with our small chosen wine list.

How Wine Speaks To Us | Wine is an expression of a time, place and history of the culture from which it comes. The wines that have been chosen here at Latab are selected not only for their flavour profiles and how they compliment the food but also to tell a story. Sometimes that story is about a little village in the middle Loire that devotes itself exclusively to a grape that has all but been forgotten by the rest of the world, other times it speaks about a family who have for generations worked the land and preserved traditions going back centuries or of a winemaker who hires Cistercian Nuns to harvest his fields.

From the first smell and sip we are transported to that place. For a moment we forget our daily troubles and tribulations. For that moment we only feel what the wine offers us, it’s honest expression of where it came from. When we take that lingering sip our memory and experience take over. A smell and taste reminds of us people that have touched our lives, of places we have been, even a childhood memory that hasn’t crossed our minds in years.

For us at Latab the wines that have been chosen are great expressions of their terroir but also of unparalleled and unapologetic wine making. We purposely seek winemakers who are bold, daring and not afraid to truly express themselves through their wine. Varietals that are vinified in an untypical way, a way that is not expected but delightful in it’s surprise. To step outside the comfort zone is to discover a new world of possibility. The world of wine is infinite with possibility. This is why our list is ever changing and evolving. To continually seek and present new and exciting expressions that comfort and challenge us. To make us think and feel differently about something we thought we knew.

Our continued direction at Latab will be that of moving forward. To continually promote creativity, artistry, the benefits of eating healthily while still celebrating the magic, whimsy and thoughtfulness of what we do. Latab is a place of gathering and celebration. We will continue to do just that.

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