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This Map Leads to Vancouver’s Best French Fries

We've mapped out our picks for the best french fries in Vancouver and invite our readers to rank them with their votes.
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This Map Leads to Vancouver’s Best French Fries

We need your help in deciding who makes Vancouver’s very best french fries. Because – as a species – we’re compelled to frame hierarchies, right? If your favourite is not among those listed below, let everyone know in the comments. (Don’t be a jerk, though. It’s just fries.)

Au Comptoir
2278 W 4th Ave

These super crispy stubbies are served as an accompaniment to several dishes here, including the excellent raclette burger, the three croques, the moules, and the ribeye steak. A personal favourite with a side of house mayo.

West Restaurant
2881 Granville St. (Closed)

Remember the party scene from Eyes Wide Shut? These french fries are that party. Consistently shaped and golden brown on the outside, they have decadently creamy interiors and are perfectly seasoned every time. Kinky AF.

Bistro Wagon Rouge
1869 Powell St. (Closed)

I often make a point of choosing something different from the classic steak frites whenever I dine here for two reasons: because food writers are always supposed to try new things, and because someone at my table will always order it (and you’re damn right I’m eating their fries).

Tableau Bar Bistro
1181 Melville St.

I get the steak frites at this Coal Harbour hideaway a few times a year. It’s like an alarm clock goes off in my belly and demands it. Vitally, somehow the fries (pictured at top) retain their crispiness and remain hot for long enough to allow guests to first concentrate on the steaks.

Fable Diner
151 E. Broadway

These fries take an arduous journey to get to our plates. If I’m not mistaken, they’re deep-fried, steamed, shallow-fried and hot-fried. The end result is fantastic (and even better with a milkshake).

568 Beatty St.

They make about a gazillion orders of frites a day to go with their various moules of legend (eg. the Congolaise), so they’ve got them well figured out. The standard to which many other locally made fries have been measured for the past 15 years.

Fish Counter
3825 Main St.

You better believe Vancouver’s best fish and chips has excellent chips. Make a plan to eat them on site as it’s in the nature of even the best fries to start sucking after ten minutes in a take-out container.

Who makes Vancouver's best french fries?

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Honourable mentions: The Arbor, Les Faux Bourgeois, Duffins, Gotham Steakhouse, Elisa, Bells and Whistles, Downlow Chicken Shack.

There are 18 comments

  1. I have to admit I have had great frites at the Boathouse in Kits. the right size, crispy hot, aioli and ketchup for dipping. Also, West Oak does some pretty kick-ass frites. triple cooked and a bit thicker cut.

  2. The best fries by far, every day of the week, by orders of magnitude… Costco. You know it, everyone knows it.

  3. I agree with all of Scout’s picks. White Spot, Costco, Belgian Fries and New York Fries have never delivered for me – they are not double or triple fried so not crispy.
    I do want to add Two Rivers Fries, which are cooked in Beef Tallow – although they are not always consistent, they get the right idea.

    Thanks Scout – your food recommendations are always spot on.

  4. Two rivers “The Shop” cooks them in tallow and are good.

    But super happy to see the Fish counter on the list. Chef Ian is a gem, makes the best fish and chips in the city in my humble opinion.

    When I drive back to the coast I want, ramen and fish and chips for this interior boy.

  5. love Ian at the fish counter…he rocks it, hardest working dude on the line, any line anywhere

    1) where is the Linh Cafe and 2) where is the little cafe inside the lumberyard?

    finally, where is just a great place to sit down and have fries and gravy?

  6. I am a bit of a fries nerd, if you will, and you can’t really go wrong with the majority on this list. However, just for the accessibility factor and price-to-portion ratio, The Fish Counter gets the cake. Also, their quality control is the most consistent, I’ve found.

  7. You have to try Moderne Burger on Broadway. A block west of Heather on
    the north side of the street. Same building as Tim Hortons.

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