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Lineage Ceramics Shares Their 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

The Goods from Lineage Ceramics

Vancouver, BC | This holiday season, find the perfect gift for the food enthusiast who is a master of grateful gatherings…

MARSHMALLOW WHITE DEEP PLATES: Smooth and curvy, these tactile and design-forward pieces are the definition of functional living. The vertical edge is made for easy carrying and seamless stacking and the touch of edge-wash on the rim will make eating pizza on the couch look elegant and effortless. These plates are easily used for a relaxed lunch or an elegant gathering. Choose between the 8” lunch plate or 10” dinner plate — you can’t go wrong either way.

RAMEN BOWLS: A Lineage bestseller! Made in traditional Ohgigatadon style, these 56-ounce bowls are for noodle lovers. While its sharp angles and stackable, streamlined fan shape have made it a favourite of high-end restaurants, they’ll also help add a little class to your tableware collection.

RAMEKINS: A stocking stuffer for the foodie who has it all! Sold in a set of four, these ramekins are a charming way to complete any table design. Great For butter, dips, sauces, or a pre-dinner appy.

THE SAUCE DISH: These mini pieces are the ideal romantic subplot to a dramatic entreé. Perfect for soy sauce, adding some spice to leftovers, or a vessel to quickly prepare a snack for your pup.

THE BIG MUG: Perfect for all your favourite cozy winter beverages — from warm cider to mulled wine to a steamy mocha. Also great for those days when you need an extra-large coffee (or glass of wine).

COFFEE CUP + SAUCER: This 8oz mug is intended for starting your morning off right with an aromatic drip coffee or frothy cappuccino. The wide-rimmed mug was designed to hold a strong black brew or to inspire the most intricate latte art. The saucer is the perfect size to hold your spoon after stirring in fresh milk or a crystallized sugar cube. ***New to the Lineage collection.

ESPRESSO CUP: Like the Italians, we believe that every occasion is made for espresso. Taking care in its preparation, espresso is best consumed at home in a perfectly sized mug of its own, both alone or in good company before the day begins. ***New to the Lineage collection.

THE FULL SERVING SET: This is a one-of-a-kind gift that will last a lifetime, and likely be passed down through generations. Perfect for new homeowners, the couple who finally put an end to distance, or the family who’s always the first to host those nostalgic family gatherings.

This is only a small selection of the offerings at Lineage Ceramics. View our website for the entire collection.


BLACKBERRY GLAZE: Rich, stormy, and, moody – this high-definition black is the optimal backdrop to any meal and will let the colours of your dish do the talking. Think ripe berries, a robust steak, creamy squid ink pasta, crisp caviar, or warmed grass jelly.

AQUA GREY GLAZE: Lightly speckled with a hint of sea green, this aqua grey is inspired by the minimalism of Japanese aesthetics and the vast beauty and dynamic complexity of the ocean. Think buttery halibut, silky tuna sashimi, tender crab legs, or a dish of poignant anchovies.

MARSHMALLOW WHITE GLAZE: White, but not completely white, this speckled marshmallow shade is fresh, bright, and as dreamy as it sounds. Think fluffy buttercream, a delicate slice of cheesecake, a crispy vanilla bean macaron, or the nostalgia of a crispy fire-roasted marshmallow.

BRANDY RED GLAZE: With deep, rich, earthy tones, this brandy red is inspired by the bold ingredients that set a dish apart and makes it binge-worthy. Think a deep cabernet, simmering marinara sauce, or a slice of vibrant red velvet cake.

Lineage Ceramics
Vancouver, BC

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