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Lineage Ceramics Releases Brand New ‘Marine Blue’ Glaze Alongside The Blue Collection

The Goods from Lineage Ceramics

Vancouver, BC | Standing at the shore just outside of Teoswa, Lineage Ceramics founder Shuobi Wu snaps a picture of the bay with the hills rising in the background. It is this photo he revisits every time he misses home and needs to feel a strong memory of what it felt to know the natural beauty that the ocean brings us.

Photographs that remind Shuobi of waters that he grew up around continued to spur the inspiration for the latest collection from Lineage Ceramics, including a brand new glaze, aptly titled Marine Blue.

“This collection is one my favourite to date because of its symbolism derived from my hometown of Teoswa,” says Wu. “As with many of our current glazes, I always look to source ideas and cuisines that inspire me from around the world, but this colour adds the story of my background to our collection. I honestly couldn’t wait to incorporate this new colour into Lineage — its freshness, serenity and liveliness breeds new life to the current Lineage line.”

Marine Blue + The Blue Collection is available in all the iconic Lineage shapes**, including:

-Entree Plates
-Side Plates
-Bread Plates
-Salad Bowls
-Dessert Bowls
-Serving Platter
-8” Deep Plates
-Coffee Collection
-Ramen Bowls
-Family Serving Bowls
-The Big Mugs
-The Sauce Dishes

This new glaze is the perfect accent to any restaurant tableau; imagine the striking azure colour against a crisp white linen with gold cutlery, bringing your menu selections to life. Marine Blue is memorable and a true way to set your restaurant apart with its bold hue. Shop the full selection online today. The Blue Collection is also available for wholesale purchasing – send us an email at [email protected] to chat!

**The Blue Collection does not come in the 10” Deep Plate or 10.25” Shallow Serving Bowl.

Lineage Ceramics
Vancouver, BC

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