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Check Out Alex Morrison’s New Exhibition, Opening at the CAG This Friday

Alex Morrison, Interior with Mushroom Motif, 2018, oil and graphite on canvas, courtesy the artist and Monte Clark.

Mushrooms, furniture, and patterns proliferate in Nooks and Corners, Vancouver-based artist Alex Morrison’s new exhibition, opening January 28th at the Contemporary Art Gallery in downtown Vancouver.

Morrison’s work spans drawing, painting, video, sculpture, and installation. Among themes central to his practice — subcultures, activism, rebellion — the artist investigates the history of domestic architecture. In recent work, paintings include domestic interiors with decorative patterns, from wallpaper to carpet to floor tiles. Furniture depicted translate into ceramic sculptural works, including planters, lanterns, and mantle pieces.

From the CAG:

“In Nooks and Corners, Morrison presents a suite of new and recent works in painting and sculpture that extend his ongoing investigation into cultural identification and the ways identity and politics are fashioned aesthetically, particularly in the domestic sphere. Whether reflecting on the migration of once-revolutionary abstractions into the decorative and ornamental, the houseplant as an object of status and signification, or architectural revivalisms emptied of their styles’ foundational integrities and optimisms, Morrison foregrounds the inevitable divergences between the original intent of a given aesthetic and its continuous, often contradictory adaptation to new social and political ends.”

For a sneak peak of the exhibition and to see more of the artist’s work, follow @alx_morrison. Nooks and Corners is on until May 1, 2022.

The Contemporary Art Gallery is the longest standing free public art gallery in Vancouver dedicated exclusively to presenting contemporary art. The gallery is open from 12-6PM, Tuesday-Saturday. Check their website in the coming weeks for additional programming including Curatorial Tours, CAG Reads, Open Studio, and Video Visits.

Contemporary Art Gallery (CAG)
Neighbourhood: Downtown
555 Nelson St.

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