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Decadent Dirty Twixter Treat From The Dirty Apron Deli

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From the annals of awesome comes the “Dirty Twixter” bar – reminiscent of the Twix chocolate bar – from the delicatessen at The Dirty Apron. It’s a brown sugar shortbread cookie rectangle topped with smooth dulce de leche and salted caramel chocolate ganache. It’s exactly as good as it looks and worth every penny of $4.25.

The Dirty Apron | 540 Beatty St. | 604-879-8588 | www.dirtyapron.com


Vancouver’s Best Fries: Nine Versions

Although the origin of French fries may be implied in their name (more likely, Belgian, though), the food has since been picked up and modified by almost every cuisine going. Here are our choices for some of the best versions in Vancouver.

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The New Pizza Joint Making New Haven-Style Pies on Commercial Drive

Industry Apizza (pronounced "ah-BEETZ”) - a wood-fire outfit located inside St. Augustine's pub on The Drive - is brand new on the Vancouver pizza scene. It's also apparently the city's first dive into true New Haven-style pizza.