Oh Carolina Cafe & Grocer Says ‘Farewell’ to Fraserhood on January 15th

Our friends at Oh Carolina personally delivered us some news last weekend: Sunday, January 15th will be the last day of business for the Fraserhood cafe and corner store. In the meantime, don’t miss your chance to get in there to say goodbye.

A quick recap: the most recent project from the good people of Gooseneck Hospitality (Bufala, Bells & Whistles, Lucky Taco) opened doors at the southeast corner of 12th and Carolina back in June, 2021. Considering the Covid-era restrictions, the small space was as bumping as possible, from the get-go.

We immediately loved them for their breakfast and lunch menu featuring local ingredients (and lots of love), along with a quirky selection of provisions from near (Butterboom Bakery, for one) and far (their selection of France-made Brets chips had a cult-ish following of its own). Shout out to Cafe Chef Karima Chellouf for her bubbly, contagious enthusiasm and chip flavour guidance! Our affection – and the crowds – only grew as time passed, safety measures lifted, and their themed outdoors Garden Party series hit its stride…

Publicly, via Instagram, the OC crew delivered this parting message:

Dear friends and neighbours,

We are so grateful to have spent the past year and a half with you. Oh Carolina has been a truly special project, in a cherished neighbourhood, and our time together is drawing to a close.

We hope you get a chance to visit the team and enjoy the café a little more in its final days. Our last service will be on Sunday, January 15th.

We would love to see you before it’s time to go, and look forward to sharing some exciting new experiences with the Gooseneck team in 2023!

Thank you to every sweet guest, caring friend, helpful neighbour, and good dog/cat that brought joy to our space.

Thank you for helping us to support local independent food producers, and celebrate incredible chefs and winemakers at our beautiful summer pop-up events.

Thank you for being regular Treat Club visitors. Come by and get your last stash of Bret’s Chips!

We’re so glad that you were here, with us.

Take care, and see you soon!

Team OC

Oh Carolina: You brought a lot of people together for good times when good times were very needed. Thank you.

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