FROM THE COLLECTION // The Cinematic Relic Serving as an Important Personal Reminder

FROM THE COLLECTION aims to introduce readers to the inventories of local art galleries, museums and other cultural institutions, not via official exhibition notes but by way of the people that help manage and maintain the collections themselves.

“Looking at a hundred year old object like this reminds me to live with intention, own ones “mistakes”, and to trust your vision.”

In this edition of From the Collection, Dustin Clark, Visitor Experience Lead and Digital Content Specialist at the Museum of Vancouver, highlights a piece of early American-made filmic technology: a 1930s film editor

“This object, to me, represents intention and trust. Before the widespread use of digital video editing, cutting and pasting together real pieces of film on a machine like this was time consuming, and mistakes were expensive. But it also meant that creative decisions were made with intent, and forced one to trust their instincts. Digital film editing revolutionized and democratized the making motion pictures, but has also, in my opinion, devolved into an era of storytelling created in post; films “found” rather than captured. Looking at a hundred year old object like this reminds me to live with intention, own ones “mistakes”, and to trust your vision. In life, you can’t “fix it in post”!”

Take a look at more objects in the collection here.

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