Eleven Ways to Make Moms Feel Super Appreciated This Mother’s Day

Show appreciation for Moms this Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 9th), even if once again we aren’t able to physically be there for them. Ensure that Mom is well-fed/boozed and feeling good for the day.

– Vancouver-based sustainable denim brand, Decade Studio, recently launched its new inclusive sizing which now ranges from 25-50 – a much-anticipated development from the forward-thinking brand since we interviewed co-founder and designer Molly Spittal late last year. Hook your Mom up with a well-made pair of excellent-fitting jeans by booking their one-on-one virtual fitting session here.

– Sunja Link just dropped her new line of comfy and stylish lounge wear, including tops, bottoms and shorts sets, in dreamy colours like rose and mustard – perfect for wearing at home all Mother’s Day weekend long (and every weekend thereafter) and perfectly acceptable for wearing in public, as well. Check them out.

– With the advent of the Zoom era, we’re all probably feeling a lot more self-conscious about our appearance from the neck up these days. Budget permitting, splurge on some hair-care treats from the local, woman-founded body care brand Sangra De Fruta. Despite their international cult following, the full line of Sangra De Fruta products, including the ones in these hair care packages ($224 each), are still all vegan and made in small batches in a Bowen Island studio.

– Patch Mom through to the next sustained show of the sun, with some new Penny Frances Apothecary products. This local line of small batch potions uses rich and restorative oils and exotic scents that have the power to transport us to park picnics, fragrant flowers and golden hour — and not just in Vancouver. The latest scent profiles take us on late July strolls through the night gardens of Italian villas and to relaxed California patios surrounded by orange trees and jasmine vines. Try these.

– Everybody loves ceramics – moms included – so, with that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the local ceramicists on our radar who are consistently creating clay objects we want to eat and drink from, wear, or simply have in our spaces. Score extra points for thoughtfulness by filling up your gift with some locally grown flowers or other treats.

– Yes, “Bubble Dogs” pet nat, made locally by Bella Wines in collaboration with Dachi restaurant, is pink and sparkly, but that shouldn’t distract from these other important facts: it’s also delicious AND only 10% ABV so Mom should have no issues downing the entire bottle on her own, if necessary…

– Designed by Janaki Larsen, Le Marche St George’s boozy sister project, La Fabrique St-George, has also got some beautiful bottles of grapes available for purchase from their 7e7 location and online shop. FSG wines are uniquely produced in the Georgian qveri (clay vessel) method using locally grown fruit. The 7e7 shop is also a one-stop for complementary snacks including cheese, meats, bread and spreads to customize your own gift basket, or snag a pre-selected ‘At Home Package’ or ‘Picnic Bag’.

– Strange Fellows Brewing is releasing a new line-up of wine-in-a-can, called ‘The Strangers’, on May 7th – just in time for Mother’s Day. Sure, you’ll be cutting it a bit close gift-wise, but Strange Fellows has never disappointed. Keep an eye on their Instagram feed for further announcements and get ready to swoop.

– Count on the Pie Shoppe ladies to facilitate an easy-as-pie Mother’s Day with two options: ‘Mum’s Perfect Day’ ($50) and ‘Mum’s Supreme’ packages ($110). Both options include your choice of pie/torte and a bottle of Creek + Gully Cider Sparkle. ‘The Supreme’ option comes with the addition of fresh cut flowers, a jar of rhubarb jam and a jar or herbal tea, as well as a bag of fresh coffee beans and a ceramic soy candle by Francis studio. Either way, serving suggestion: one fork and a bottle opener. Find out more.

– Livia’s Mother’s Day online holiday shop is live! “For the Mums, the almost Mums, the basically Mums, the women who deserve extra love, the anyone who needs extra love” – if Mother’s Day is an excuse to sip on rhubarb elderflower mimosas and stock up on bake-at-home cinnamon buns then who are we to argue?

– Speaking of bake-at-home, The Bench Bakehouse has a great line of goodies ready to slip into the oven at home. Cinnamon buns, butter croissants, pan au chocolate – the whole range. Exercise some self control – and treat yourself to the delicious aromas – by personally picking up, baking and delivering them to Mom yourself, just in time for brunch, still warm and ready to devour. Find out more.

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