All the Cool Local Ceramics Your Mom Wants for Her Collection

We’re a pretty satisfied bunch, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t covetous. Sometimes we see things out there that we just must have. Cool Things We Want is an archive of those earthly desires.

Everybody loves ceramics – moms included – so, with Mother’s Day in mind (Sunday, May 9th), we’ve compiled a list of the local ceramicists on our radar who are consistently creating clay objects we want to eat and drink from, wear, or simply have in our spaces. Score extra points for thoughtfulness by filling up your gift with some locally grown flowers or other treats…

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Amelia Butcher

The sinister ceramic world of Amelia Butcher is illustrated with girls with attitude, wild animals, and other witchy things. Butcher is a member of the Dusty Babes Studio collective in Surrey. Read Scout’s interview with the artist here.

Brick Brick

Among other things, Tara Dwelsdorf makes funky fruit-shaped bud vases and cool patterned pet dishes.

Caitlin Prince

Elegant Grecian inspired amphoras, pots, pitchers, bowls and cups.

Cathy Terepocki

“Thoughtful, storied objects for your permanent collection”, Cathy Terepocki’s ceramics are influenced by her natural surroundings and the materials she uses, including local clay from the Chilliwack River.

Dahlhaus Studio

Minimalist-yet-accessible: clean lines and calm pallets (often with a hit of nostalgic colour).

Eikcam Ceramics

Storage canisters, stoneware plates, Daruma doll vases, scalloped cherry blossom platters and more.

Francis Studio

Ceramics made by the multi-talented Pie Shoppe sisters, Andi and Stephanie French. These ladies are constantly restocking their window display with an assortment of dishes and vessels excellent for making and consuming, among other things, coffee and pie.

G Ceramic And Co.

Gabrielle Burke of g ceramic & co can outfit you with anything from wine chillers and vases to plates and planters, but it’s the mesmerizing jade green bowls that we can’t stop thinking about.

Gailan Ngan

Gailan Ngan works with clays and glazes sourced from the BC environment and if you close your eyes and really tune in to the piece you are holding, you can feel it. Other than the occasional studio sale, your best bet is to seek out Ngan’s work at Vancouver Special and The Polygon Gallery.

Ghost Mountain

Ghost Mountain creations are a collection of functional ceramics that play with themes of witchcraft, wilderness, heritage, and mysticism. Be warned: Ghost Mountain pieces are hard to get your hands on, they will appear out of nowhere and be gone before you have a chance to click the ‘pay here’ button. Keep an eye on Ghost Mountain IG feed to see when the next release will be.

Janaki Larsen

The sad reality is that her work is in such high demand that it is always sold out, but we couldn’t compile a list of local ceramicists without mentioning Janaki Larsen. Swoon.

Julia Chirka

Typically full of character, colour, and whimsy – much like their creator, who is also an instructor at Francis Street Studios’ popular ‘Summer Skool’. If you’ve spent time on Main Street then surely you’ve also ogled her planters looking pretty in the windows of Brassneck Brewery. Read our 2017 interview with Chirka here.

Kristie Loves Clay

Tumblers, mugs and dishes in an understated, earthen palette, made in Vancouver by Kristie Forwick.

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Lindsay Hampton Studio

From tea pots to ring pipes, Lindsay Hampton’s sculptural forms and speckled, ombre glazes have earned her quite the cult following.

Lineage Handmade

Ceramicist Shuobi Wu continues his family legacy in Vancouver. Each piece and set of tableware is uniquely crafted to enrich the dining experience, with wholehearted food-lovers in mind.

Lupa Ceramics

Soda fired, wood fired and speckled things by Kristine Aguilar. We’re long-time fans, especially of this Japanese-inspired teapot. Keep close watch on her Instagram feed for announcements about future ceramics sales.

Meg Hubert

From light fixtures to colourful to-go mugs and pinch hitters – Meg Hubert does all sorts of wonders with clay, and all are equally covetable.

Nathalee Paolinelli

Minimal colour plus maximum frills and texture. Dishes, pots, vases and candleholders.

Oh Hello Leigh

None other than the creator of vessels for Livia on the Drive, including those oh-so-lovely and intuitive hand impressed mugs. That being said, we are still pining over her last pink flower collection.


“Carefully-considered wares that accent the modern, mindful home.” Simple, clean, comfortable. Made on the Sunshine Coast.

Piton Pottery

Inspired by her Pacific Northwest surroundings, Coral Patola makes vintage modern pieces that are imbued with a sense of hope and connection. Read our 2017 interview with the artist here.

Sarah Leckie

Utilitarian pieces illustrated with her signature fantastical circular narratives. Read our Islandist interview with Leckie here.

Sophie Bouy

Bowls, sake cups and tea tumblers, soda fired, marbled and hand-painted. Sophie Bouy’s blue marbled collection is especially enchanting.

TAV Ceramics

Interior designer turned ceramicist Tanvi Vishnubhotla’s signature style is a rough natural black exterior texture with a smooth speckled glaze inside. A classic look with some serious weight.

Taylor Moon Ceramics

In addition to vessels, Taylor Moon makes wearable ceramic jewelry, cigarette trays and incense holders, each one unique and decorated with her signature girlish motifs and pastel colour palette.

Wicked Wanda

Victoria-based artist Erika Arbour-Nevins’ pottery is minimalist and functional – ideal for everyday use. Read our 2019 Islandist interview with Arbour-Nevins here.

Did we miss your favourite ceramicist? Please turn us on to them either in the comments below or on Twitter via @scoutmagazine.

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  1. Sophia Kim’s birch inspired pottery should be high on any list of potters. Her work can be found at Boulevard and Hawksworth among others I’m sure. IG @sophiaclayart

  2. Carol Demers! Based in North Vancouver, and works out of 1000 Parker St. Hand built, nature inspired beauties. IG @carol_demers