Sooke’s Celebrated Slow Food Restaurant ‘Wild Mountain’ Seeks P/T or F/T Cook

The GOODS from Wild Mountain

Sooke, BC | We are looking for a career chef who is interested in working for a Slow Food restaurant. Relevant experience as a serious line-cook, knowledge of butchery and pastries, ability to adapt to a dynamic menu that changes daily, and a work ethic that includes values of equality, awareness, and environmental concern.

We are open to a part-time or full-time cook, for the summer or perhaps longer. Pay is dependent on experience. We also share tips evenly with the cooks.

Please send your resume and cover letter to chef wildmountaindinners.comor stop by the restaurant Wednesdays to Saturdays between 11am and 4 pm.

  • 4U7A2192
  • 4U7A1898
  • Wild Mt Entrance
  • 4U7A1931
  • 4U7A2007
  • Wild Mt Beef Tartare
  • Wild Mt Dining Room
  • 4U7A2103
  • 4U7A2158
  • 4U7A2264
  • Wild Mt Fireplace
  • Rhubarb Fizz by EAN
  • Wild Mt Prosciutto

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