Robin Ridge Winery Set to Send Summer Wine Shipments to Flock Members

The GOODS from Robin Ridge

Keremeos, BC | We are getting ready to send our summer wine shipments to our Flock Members. Six bottles includes all taxes & shipping for $155.00 delivered to your door. Fill the nest by adding six more wines of your choice to receive 15% off your additional order.

June wine club selection is Similkameen Summer Riesling, Viognier, Gewurztraminer, Flamingo, Merlot, Gamay.

Members can expect an email soon! Join our wine club.

ABOUT ROBIN RIDGE | Robin Ridge Winery is located in the stunning Similkameen Valley of British Columbia. Our 100% organic grown fruit is crafted into small quantities of high quality wine with thorough attention to detail from vineyard to cellar by owners Tim and Caroline Cottrill.

The Similkameen Valley is the second largest wine region in BC and has some of the oldest vineyard plantings. With our complex soils and powerful winds we are capable of producing unique wine styles.

You are welcome to relax at Robin Ridge, have a picnic enjoy our patios and vineyards. Soak up the sunshine while marveling at our Keremeos mountains and columns.

This hot sunny valley is yours to discover with many things to explore in the area such as wine and cider tasting or a great meal at one of our local restaurants. Feeling extra adventurous? Tube canoe or kayak the Similkameen River just minutes from the vineyard.

Along the way don’t miss picking up delicious fresh fruit and produce at our local fruit stands. After all “The Similkameen Valley” is the Organic Capital of Canada!

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